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2 hours ago, Ghost said:
2 minutes ago, Haz said:

helped me heaps +1

No problem!!!

10 minutes ago, Donsly said:

+1, well written app, mature, helpful

And if Little thinks you deserve it then I do too

Ahaha thankyou donsly

27 minutes ago, Little5avage said:


Thank you so much little, really appreciated

1 hour ago, Kix said:


He Just Fixed my laptop!

No problem!

Omg guys im actually really overwhelmed at all the support I've got, thankyou all so much. You guys make me come back to the server everyday and enjoy it even more. Cant wait to give back what you've given to me!

Thankyou all for your feedback, this is just amazing!

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7 hours ago, Parks said:

Believe it or not, I have multiple ways of fixing a trouble shooting or fixing common garrysmod problems and their solutions.

Example: If the game crashes without with or without an error message.

1. Verify Game Cache/Integrity files

2. Check addons are downloading to the right file (garrysmod/garrysmod/addons)

3. Try to unintall addons you either dont use or need.

4. If there is an error code, search it up on google to see what the error actually is.

5. Repeat step one.

6. Wait 24 hours. (Steam servers take time to update and fix itself)

7. If this doesn't work, reinstall the game

(This is quite easy example, but as you would know there are multiple problems on gmod.

Thanks for being honest :)




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