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Why leave the community Ben...

You can just ignore those kind of people like me.

for instance, I had the same problem before, but I ignored it and it stoped.

If I can do it, then you can there is no try...

But its your choice at the end to leave the community or stay

we wont stop you 


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10 minutes ago, EpicEzale said:

Neutral Was a good player, well known in the Imperial Gaming community, but don't know you well

Since when could you put support/-support on someone leaving? Idiota

Edited by Shaz
i changed it from saying fucking because i hate epic azale
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3 hours ago, Seven said:

Still irrelevant 

Why is this Irrelevant? @Seven it’s him saying goodbye for a very sad reason that could have been fixed if he went to the right people at the right time. I mean I could have helped him out if my computer didn’t break. We don’t like losing great members of our community but when we do we honour them for what they have done within this community weather it be small or big. He was always friendly in my eyes and will always be remembered. o7 Good Bye @Ben and have a great time IRL. 

[Edit] What I’m trying to say is even if he’s done wrong for the community he still deserves to get a good goodbye from everyone not a “late bitchhh”.

Edited by Wombatiacus
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