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Wildhog's PAC3 Application


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What is your In-game name:

As of recent, I’ve taken up a new character SW Heavy SSGT Lenseflare. Others of you may have seen me playing as some of the following:

  • ST/MT Private Wildhog

  • CIC Commander Mine

  • TT Officer Cadet DeagenHart

  • TT Commander Boba Fett

  • Knight Sergeant Harnu May

  • TT Private DeagenHart

  • Marauder Initiate Alrarda

Steam ID:


Steam link:

Steam Profile



Have you used PAC Before:

Yes, I have previous experience with PAC. Knowing that most applicants are judged harshly if they are very inexperienced with PAC3. With this knowledge I contacted friends who currently have PAC3 on the server and are able to use it capably, seeking education on the basics and advanced mechanisms PAC3 offers. Somethings I have learned and am still learning from others are:

  • Bone Merging different models (Learned)

  • Adding limbs to other models (such as a different character’s head to my own model) (Learned)

  • Using the rope tool to create a laser sight on my weapon (Learning)

  • Changing a weapon’s model as a whole (Learning)

  • Equipping weapon holsters on my back or other areas of my model (Learning)

  • Adding capes, or other props to my model (Learned)

  • Using animations (Learned)

  • Creating sitting/sleeping poses (Learned)

  • Allowing events to correspond with other models or animations to immerse me and others in roleplay. (Learned)

I intend on learning much more from other players on the server and am always welcome to constructive criticism to things I can learn and do improve on.


Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph):

I believe I should be trusted with PAC3 because as a long-serving member of the server, I’ve learned how to act if I want to be trusted by others. I’ve been playing on IG since early June of 2017, which in my books is quite a while. I’ve made many friends and acquaintances along the way, some of which are still with me today. I’ve gotten into little to no trouble and only have one warn at this current time for disrespect which was wrong on my behalf.

  • Disrespect (Moose)

I acted out rationally towards someone who did things which I did not agree with at the time. Although I thought what they were doing was wrong, I did not understand the full story or their own point of view, I don’t intend on making a mistake like this again.

  • Asking for an admin (Cody)

This situation was a bit of a mix-up which has been dealt with by the Community Manager, I basically asked Cody if he could perma prop somethings for me after nobody responded to my messages in admin chat. He then proceeded to warn me for asking for an admin personally, which I was not aware was a rule at the time. I have spoken to Caboose and he’s removed the warning.


Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph):

You’ve probably read these same sentences I’m about to tell you hundreds of times, but you’ll have to read it once more with just a little extra spice :P. Anyway, with PAC I want to immerse myself and others around me in the roleplay the server offers but only some get to fully experience. I’ve seen many others say that they are planning to improve other’s RP experience with PAC but never extend on how they are going to do so. I’ve stated that I want to do the exact same, some ways I plan on immersing others into the RP are by doing things like:

  • Cybernetic Surgery

  • Creating an ID with PAC so others can visually read the prop and its contents

  • Creating more immersive event characters, like Keegan (The elitist Event Master) and Hisoka did with the Mysterious Entity event a few weeks ago, which many enjoyed.

  • Using torture tools and interrogation tools that many of the ISB agents do with /me’s (I personally enjoyed heavy RP based interrogations.)


Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph):

I think I deserve PAC because I have gone out on my own personal time to get experience and earn skill with a tool on IG that I genuinely wish to use. I’ve played on this server for a long time and intend to stay for much more, I’ve done my best to keep a clean record but everybody makes mistakes and I have as well. I believe I’ve earned the trust of the community and have the responsibility to wield PAC3 responsibly


look at the holster  not the gun in hands when i get the grapple gun model that is what will be in hand i could only clip out the hilt in the holster but is till works great :DPAC.thumb.PNG.809498247ad4fb5f39505158330b9830.PNGPACS.thumb.PNG.3ec78267b053bd53f9181c34a615a634.PNG5a72fea1745ac_PACFULL.PNG.c1a6eaa88c5cf854066dcde315144f02.PNG5a72fec454139_PACnamesake.thumb.PNG.be2d84279b28e63609dfa467eb758ff1.PNG

Thank you for your time, have a good day! 


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After seeing the way you conducted yourself during the Prophet/Marauder tryouts as the one in charge of spectators I believe you are a serious roleplayer and can definately be trusted with PAC 3 Teir 1 , Huge +1 From me.

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Positive Support

Wildhog is a very long-serving member of Imperial Gaming and I'd put all my trust into him with any role or tool the server offers. He's played many roles in Imperial Gaming and wielded the responsibilities it came with amazingly. I've played both under and alongside Wildhog, he thinks rationally before he does things and doesn't fall before the peer pressure of others which could get you into big trouble at times.


Wildhog is a legendary mate who I've known for over a year now, he's taken his RP on Imperial Gaming very serious. He's never abused any of the trust nor' tools he's received as a user or as all the roles he's played on the server. He's aware of when the time is to have fun and when to be serious, which is an important characteristic of someone who has trust put into them. In the past, I've almost made some terrible mistakes in the heat of the moment that could've gone really bad. Luckily with the guidance of Wildhog and other members of my regiment at the time, I decided against it. This shows that Wildhog is not only responsible for carrying himself out with care but helping and guiding others into doing the right decision.

   Fabulous Roleplayer

Wildhog takes his Roleplay on Imperial Gaming  (As I've stated in my previous paragraph), he's created a character with extreme detail for every regiment he's played. For example, he played a character by the name of Harnu May with an extremely detailed backstory and carried the character development through until Knights of Zakuul were disbanded. I believe giving PAC3 to Wildhog would extend his range of Roleplay to a large extent, we need more people like Wildhog on Imperial Gaming.

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