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Staff praise?

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Although theres a ticket system in game it doesn't actually tell management how well oriented staff are, i say we make a forum section right next to the staff report section but this new one will be if a staff member impresses you or helps you well or something you can make a forum post reporting how good they are. Im sure we would all rather a really good mod with less tickets than a bad mod with more tickets.

This post isn't particularly aimed at anyone except i noticed how fliqqs has a bind when he gives you tools that pms you some meme, that shit is cash.

Before you all tear me a new one just for having a little idea like you seem to do to everyone else, it's just an idea.

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Yeah! This is a good idea people can finally say how good I am at being a staff member! *Cricket noises* but seriously great idea we already have so much joy and pride helping out members of the community. +Positive Support.

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3 minutes ago, Kix said:


Woah woah woah

What about me?


TBH though, this is not needed for one reason. When we respond to a sit and fulfill the request put forth by the user and they say thanks, that is enough for me. I don’t know about others in the staff team but this is enough for me.

What this would do is make the staff that receives these praises just little warm and fuzzy inside.

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