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Gday Guys

im Tyber an old crafty vetren from early days of Imp gaming. I was a former member of the Australian Defence Forces for 6yrs. I was diganosed with PTSD and have been in hospital for 12 months with a brain tuma , i have only 2yrs to live due to the brain tuma not being all cut out.. Anyway im not here to play the im a dying cunt card. I just hope people come say gday and listen to the advice from the army to help with there regiments and secondly to try and repair the damage i cause the server when i left in a blaze of glory the first time.

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Hello ^-^ It's nice to meet you. I hope to get to talk to you a little bit (not likely cause i have the oath of silence) but i do hope to see you around ^-^ Cya later 



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