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Regiment Idea


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This seems too much like those people who try get regiments created just so they can be commander and be OP af

29 minutes ago, Ghost said:

Qyzen - 450% HP | Pulse Rifle | WESTAR-5 | Grappling hook | Active Camo |

Troopers - (depending on rank) 250-350% HP | WESTAR-5 | Grappling hook | RT-97C | Active camo (optional) | 

A regiment of this power specifically aimed at monster events aren't even that common mind you, seems a bit power hungry, 

Just go join shadow and only shoot at monsters or something.


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12 minutes ago, Jackson said:

-1 aswell Custom regs are gonna be Denied by Caboose due to the massive and very big regiments so just go join SCAR and be a Heavy 

You can have a custom reg if you plan it well, it fills a void and brings something new to the table.


This idea doesn't work at all though, because the Imperials in their many iterations have always hated aliens (except the Chiss/Miraluka) and have tried to bring about human supremacy. Why would they recruit Trandoshans if this was the case?

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