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Gallius Rax Backstory

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*Subject File - 152345*

*Clearance 6+ Only*



Name: Gallius Rax

Rank: Admiral

Assigned Roles: Royal Representative, Head of Naval Intelligence

Age: 41 | Homeworld: Jakku

Species: Human | Gender: Male

Hair Colour: Dark | Skin Colour: Pale 


Gallius Rax was born on the planet of Jakku. As an Orphan, Gallius spent the first twelve years of his life as a servant for a wealthy family. Gallius escaped from as a servant and met His Imperial Majesty Emperor Palpatine aboard a starship. The Emperor took Gallius Rax under his wing and gave him guidance and support throughout his youth. Gallius Rax appeared on the Naval Roster at the age of 28. He was assigned the rank of Commander and Given a place in The Naval Intelligence agency. While working in the Naval Intelligence Agency he became a close advisor and representative of T he Emperor and many other high ranking officers. Some officers including Grand Moff Tarkin, Grand Admiral Octavian Grant, Director Krennic and Rear Admiral Qteks. During his ten years working in The NIA Gallius Rax was promoted to Admiral and Given Head of Naval Intelligence. Throughout this time Gallius was awarded various titles and medals. 

<< Current Subject State >> 

Currently Gallius Rax is Travelling among Different Fleets working along side Rear Admiral Qteks in Naval Intelligence. Gallius is also attending Join-Chief Meeting aswell as Advising & Representing The Emperor. 

<< Awards and Medals >>

Hero of The Galactic Empire | Nova Star | Medal of Service | Galactic War on Insurgency Medal 

Gilded Sun Medal | Emperor's Will Medal

<< Notes >>

A squad of Royal Storm Troopers Commanded By Brigadier Tackxo guard Gallius Rax.

No Reason stated for receiving Medals/Titles | Recruitment information available.




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