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Wiles Inactive from IG from 22/0/18 - 28/1/18

ABBA Queef

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Hey Guys. Sorry this is happening for a 2nd time these holidays. I am going to Melbourne to meet some friends for about a week. I won't have my PC but I WILL HAVE MY LAPTOP. This means I can come on a couple of hours every couple of days but won't be as active as normal. Colonel Delta is also away for a little while. This leaves Major Bacon in charge of Shore for the next week.It would be nice not to have comments implying or stating Shore is dead because two of it's leaders are on holiday. As I said I can come on every now and then and will be able to hold a tryout in this week - depending on Shore's slots. I hope everyone else is enjoying the new year, see you on my desktop in a week, for the mean while, I am laptop Wiles/Tiles/Miles/Abba Queef/Thyme  :)

Btw Thyme is my event name.


P.s Miss you wombat 

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14 hours ago, Kix said:

Melbourne lads for the win


14 hours ago, Puppy said:


<3 much love and cya later


13 hours ago, Ramirez said:

I live an hour away from Melbourne... but yeah for the win! @Kix

We should meet up and get blue milk sometime 

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