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Lua panic error fixes



Hey everyone!

It has come to my attention that majority of the people who play on our server that has windows 10 has been getting this Lua Panic! Not enough memory error and have no clue how to fix it. It may be the server that is causing this issue for you and not your computer. I will be listing below some fixes on how to get rid of this error and play on our server again!


Verify your game cache by right right clicking on garry's mod in steam > Properties > local files > Verify game cache. This will restore any missing files from the garry's mod folder that could be missing. After it's done restart your computer and try reconnecting.


Right click Garry's Mod > Properties and click on Set Launch Options and type this in +mat_dxlevel 95 (theirs a chance that this could work). If you have 4 gigs of ram or 8 gigs of ram try typing these in the set launch options:

For 8 gigs you would put -heapsize 8388608 

For 4 gigs you would put -heapsize 4194304 


This fix will most likely work but requires an staff member to help you so make sure to  ask one on teamspeak to help you if their in game. Get them to set you back to an ST recruit while you are trying to load in, this will cause you to crash one more time due to the error, reconnect to the server and the error should most likely be fixed. (if not get the staff member to promote you to a storm trooper while your trying to load in again then back to recruit.)


Completely Uninstall Garry's mod and all of the addons/content. Proceed to reinstall Garry's mod then reconnect to the server. 




These are all the known fixes, If you have any other fixes that would work send Imposing or myself a poke on teamspeak or a private message through the forums!

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