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Kellogs PAC3 Tier 1 Application


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What is your In-game name: 


Inferno Seyn Marana


Riot Colonel Kellogs

Inferno Seyn Marana

Marauder Apprentice Asha Khun

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:60070496


Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/channel10/


Play time: 4 weeks 5 days


Have you used PAC Before:

I have been learning PAC3 over the last two weeks in single player with LePaul's help. I believe i'm at a point were I understand the basics of PAC3 but I'm still learning how to do more advance stuff.


Why should you be trusted with PAC : 

I am an active and loyal member to the Imperial gaming community. As stated above I have a play time of 4 weeks 3 days and have received zero warnings, bans or kicks. I am mature and as indicated by my previous ranks would not abuse the power and responsibility giving to me if I receive PAC, I'm sure that the various members of the community I have interacted with or befriended can confirm my integrity. I will adhere to the PAC rules and will not create anything that is not RP friendly.


Why do you want PAC :

Since PAC has been implemented on the server I have seen the vast amount of role-play potential it has to immerse myself and others into the star wars universe. The marauder regiment, which I am currently a part of, has a model that is basically a blank canvas for PAC creations, which means I can create a unique character appearance and differentiate myself from other marauders. Also as marauders are Sith artefact hunters I could create PAC's of me handing over artefacts and hilts to Vader. Through PAC I believe that I could fully emphasise the lore that was created for the marauders on the server.


Why do you deserve PAC :

I believe that throughout my 4 weeks and 3 days on the server I have shown the community that I'm dedicated, trustworthy, loyal and a mature member of Imperial Gaming. I Love role-playing and if I received PAC  I would try my best to enhance RP For myself and others. 

PAC Examples:

Head replacement for marauder model ----- 8060a1e9f9.png

Generic sith cape ----- 62eb6a7c73.png

Arms crossed sitting pose ----- c2deb12cf9.png

Kneeling to vader or palpatine ----- f75a981439.png

More to come.

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6 hours ago, James said:


  • Best Riot trooper ever (Excluding 'Gerry the Hero' of course)
  • Loves RPing a lot
  • Would never abuse the responsibility that comes with PAC

I've only seen you At certain times of playing 

But you sound lit 


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Although his App sounds like he is a novice at PAC he actually knows how to do a lot of things within PAC with tier 1 limitations.

Is mature and friendly on the server and sticks to the rules and RP very heavily

Has a very high playtime and ran Riot and, to an extent, shock for most of that playtime and kept them active and relevant whilst making them into a respectable regiment.


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