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Kamelieon's Tier 1, Pac Application

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[ New PAC3 creation ]

So I recently tried my best to recreate 'Shrap' from Task force 99 (SCAR) here is what it looks like.

( No I'm not going to join SCAR, I just felt like making a PAC3 of Shrap )






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[ New PAC3 model idea ]

I have recently joined SCAR and once again I have made a PAC3 for it, I know I made one before of Shrap but that is if I want to RP as a lore character and this one is if I want to RP as a non-lore character at times... So here it is


Each weapon ( The Westar, SE-14C & both DC-17's ) will disappear of my model when I hold it out


I know it looks very very simple but I did not want to out do it this time, also there is not a lot of 'accessories' attached to the model since I'm only private and the higher the rank the more 'accessories' I will put on as it looks like I've been on more missions and I've earned that rank

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3 minutes ago, DeeDee said:

Ain't that my foot???????!!!

No it 'Ain't' m'lord just the same design of robotic body parts

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