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PAC3 Immersive First Person View

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Hello everyone, I'm going to teach you how to go into a move selective type first person. So you can see all that you have on.

Open up PAC3, and create a group.


Right click on the group, make the group parent name "viewmodel" and create an event.

Credits to Mauler for the parent name.


Now, go down to the event section, and click the 3 dots (...) next to event. A menu should pop up and select Command.


Right click on the event in the PAC3 List on the side, and select Camera which is located in the entity list.


Position the Camera infront of your head. Make sure the bone is head. You will feel a bobbing feel when you walk, but I will get to changing that later.


Now go to the Commmand and select find, at the bottom. Type in firstperson, or anything you'd like (make sure you don't use numbers!) 


As you can see, it works! I'm in an immerisve first person, where I can see my Badge upon many other creations.


Now we will open up the Command Console in order to bind the creation. This will let us toggle inbetween whichever mode we prefer.

Type in bind (KEY) "pac_event firstperson 2" (2 makes the bind toggable.)


As you can see, it works! Sometimes it doesn't work, if it stays in the same mode, go into thirdperson and out again. If you'd like easy access to third person here's a bind.

bind (KEY) "stp" (it will toggle between modes.)


If you don't like the movement feel and bobbing effect when you walk, there is an easy fix! Select Camera, and go next to bone under orientation.

Remove the text and keep it empty. Now you won't have the bobbing feel but the normal that you're used too.


In the Immersive First Person, you will see all other PAC3 Creations you've made, I have this Christmas Hot Chocolate with me.

If I wasn't in this mode, I wouldn't be able to see it, only in Third Person.


Save it, and wear it.



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Do note, this also works if you want/have a laser attachment to your gun/model. You just have to assign it to the bone.

A better version of this is making the OWNER PARENT of the group for 1st Person “viewmodel”.

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