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The new Han Solo Movie Troopers

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I'm a big  LEGO nerd and the early sets for the movie came out and I found these [TRUST ME, NO SPOILERS JUST THE NEW TROOPERS TO EXPECT IN THE NEW MOVIE]

Mimban Trooper and the Range Trooper which are both new and I think it be cool if someone make some Player Models for these. 




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If it was implemented as a new reg it would die in two seconds.


denied, reapply again in a millennia.




millennium falcon, that is.



kill me pls

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If what suna posted on the forums was classed as "spoilers" and then permanently banned from the forums because of it this is classed as spoilers.


In the spoiler is pictures he drew that were "Spoilers" so if you click on it and you get angry for stuff THAT NEVER HAPPEN IN THE MOVIE then your fault.



kylovsrETY.thumb.jpg.ec96b923b8b7b5701b89af16ae99e069.jpg.fade43e2542047f4b6514861282d030d.jpg     lastjedi.thumb.jpg.6e4c6674e9ed94ea18eb45b18003d693.jpg.6e8a4f6957395363f1447ea28c93b55e.jpg



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