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Ling Ling's Event Master Application

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Steam Name:

[IG] Ling Linggg



Do you have a microphone that you can use regularly?


Steam ID:


In-game name and rank:

73-10 Ling Ling - Private

Time Played:

5 w 6 d 20h

Why are you applying for this position?:

I am applying for the position of Event Master as I wish to aid the Event Master team in putting out well-constructed and thought events, that the server will enjoy. I have also come to notice as of recent times, that the server is in need of EM’s, so I feel like I could assist the team now more than ever.


How will allowing you to be apart of our staff team help us?:

I see myself as a pretty calm and collected guy. I know the stress that the Event Masters experience and I am able to cope with the situations they go through (toxic players, events going wrong, etc.) I am quite a mature and responsible guy, therefore I know when and when not to have a joke around. I am also an experienced member of the community, meaning I know how pretty much everything works. I have held two staffing positions previously, therefore I am experienced with ULX and have many of the qualities and skills a staff member should hold.

Have you been an Event Master on previous servers? If so please list them:

Negative. However I have held two staff positions in this community being:

SWRP - Trial Moderator (transferred)

DarkRP - Junior Moderator (closed) 

Have you had any warnings, kicks or bans if so please list them:

I have never been kicked or banned and only have one warning for Disconnecting While Arrested. To explain the situation, what basically happened was I had gotten a staff member to demote me from Major back to Private as I did not have interest in the server no longer. Moments after this occured, a shock member walked up to me, asking for identification. I had stated to him that my identification was not correct as I had just been demoted from a different rank yet he still continued to arrest me. What happened next was me disconnecting as I believed the reason I was arrested for wasn't legitimate and I have acknowledged that I shouldn't have done this regardless.


What can you do to make events more enjoyable and attract more people?:

First of all I would have a balance between Military Regiments & Sith. I would also like to delve into more passive role-play type events, as these interest me a lot. I would also like to incorporate events where users are interacting with each other.  I believe I would be able to create some unique and diverse events, that differ from previous events as many players complain of events that have already been done. More of a storyline that you can follow, rather than having people confused. Lastly, events that don't linger on for too long, as players seem to dislike this.

Anything else you would like to add:

I kept this application short and to the point as I don't like rambling on. All feedback is welcome. 

Two different example events that you will do if you get accepted: 

If "( )" brackets are empty it means I did not have the model in single-player.

1 - Passive RP




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9 minutes ago, Kendrick said:


  • Mature
  • Friendly
  • Good Events!


7 minutes ago, Splinter said:


Application isn't really detailed and the events seem short but I like the ideas.

I also don't really know you that well in game I'd like to meet you.

Good luck on your application.

Thank you for the feedback. 

I don't like to state things that don't really relate to the question so that may be why my application seems short.  With the events being short, Event 1 is Passive RP so there is lots of unscripted parts. Once again thanks for your feedback, it has given me insight on what I can improve on. If I see you in-game, i'll be sure to say hi!

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@Wooden Shed




Thank you all for your support.

11 minutes ago, Puppy said:


Minge on some occasions

Long running community member though

If you would be so kind to DM me, in a little further detail, the times when I have minged? I would like to know so I can improve on what I have possibly done then. But thank you for your feedback.




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As funny as the first event would be, it usually ends up with only certain players interacting with the event character leaving out a lot of players. The second event is well planned but we've seen it a few times before. I've also seen you be a little mingey in the past. I'm gonna roll with a Neutral for now.

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