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Krennic showin us de wa


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 People literally clicking their tongues and saying "Show us the way" while in *RP* Times is kinda annoying. Why not do it after hours, where it would be more fun and you have less limitations. Imagine trying to roleplay while a person walks up to you clicking and *Spitting* on them. It serves no purpose to have a line of 20+ people walking down a corridor clicking... 


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I am so pissed.

this meme, should have stayed on VRChat and never left.

I hear it in Gmod, Pubg, Payday2, TS, Discord



it needs to stop,

everyone is forcing the meme so hard to the point where i no longer find it funny.

i cant believe i used to.

In short, i want to die.


- Foxxie.

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Didn’t Cody say you could be warned or kicked for this Ugandan bullshit? I’m surprised that that event even happened.


In the true words of an old meme, “It’s time to stop”. I’m going to seriously consider killing/demoting anyone I hear continue this garbage in RP hours. Unlike the event staff “elite” meme, this stopped being funny on day one and is ruining the reputations of your regiments.

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it's videos like these that show why staff do what they do, this fun, harmless joke has turned into a problem. All because people couldn't shut themselves and play like they would normally. At this point, staff are going to start warning, kicking and banning people soon, it's grown that out of proportion. I'm not sure what you were thinking showing this to us, but I thank you for providing us with solid proof that this "meme" is an issue.

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