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Wiles' PAC 3 - Tier 1 Application

ABBA Queef

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Hey Sir, the quality of a regiment is not always to do with the activeness of the commander. There is a HUGE waiting list of people who want to join SCAR and IC, because they are very great, elite reg

Sir with respect the reason shore is so minimal with activity is because we have no real pull because we have nothing special about us and everything we try gets ignored or shutdown

They don't really have much going for them(no reg diss) and so it is hard for them to recruit.

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3 hours ago, Wenus said:

+1 Is a Great Commander 


2 hours ago, NickArino said:



2 hours ago, LePaul said:

Fuck I love shore. You guys have great sand memes. To be honest, you've done a lot with a "difficult" regiment.



2 hours ago, Sierl said:

Like I don't even have to explain why +1

Thanks for the comments guys! :D

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