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Website Name Changes


If you want your website name changed please put it the comments of this topic. Do not create a new topic about name change.
This is created to make staffs life easier due to people asking staff in game and instead of having topics on name changes just post them here.

Issues that may occur durning a name change/Rules: 

  • If someone is using the name you wish to use you will need to think of a new one/or add numbers ETC
  • No inappropriate names
  • Name must be similar to your ingame and/or steam name/or name people will know you for (EG: Little = Little5avage)
  • You can change your name once a week (if necessary)
  • Do not spam staff for name change on the website (We will get to it once we can)
  • Numbers ETC are allowed (EG: Little_5avage11)

If you have any issue please let me know

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5 minutes ago, Sierl said:

Still waiting

They ain't gonna do it if you act like this. Just make a support ticket or go to the support area on TeamSpeak and wait for a member to assist you.

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