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Spooky's PAC tier 1 app

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What is your In-game name: 42-07 Spooky


Steam ID: 76561198105943533 


Steam link:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198105943533/


Play time: 1 day 20 hrs 20min


Have you used PAC Before: No I haven't but I'd but eager to learn and experience it


Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I'm a nice guy with no record of warns on the server and I have been on the server since 8 months ago(on and off but recently have come back and playing everyday for around 6-7 hours) and I believe many know me as being a good guy, and I'm always respectful towards my higher ups and fellow Imperial gaming players, Saying all this, I think that I'd be very trustworthy with PAC as I don't miss use any privilege anyone has given me and with that I'd hold the ut most respect for the opportunity of using PAC and being able to play with such a privilege while on the server. My main goal of getting PAC is to simply up my roleplay as much as I can, and I believe that PAC will give me that.

Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph): For the simple reason that I think I could expand my roleplay capability whilst on the server, whilst saying that I believe PAC has some good and interesting features that I would like to try if possible. Also another great reason I've been so interested in using PAC is that I have seen many players use it in roleplay situations making me feel more lively then the usual (put your hands up and then the other guy just stands there and says /me puts hands up). 


Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph):

I cannot say that I deserve PAC, But I have been around for quite some time and I very much so enjoy server and plan to stay on the server for as long as possible, In saying that I wouldn't do anything with PAC that would even bring the slightest bit of lag or any issue towards the server as that is simply not my intention. I believe that PAC should only be used for postive outcomes and thats what I plan to do and create. I also think that if given PAC that is a responsibility upon on my shoulders and I would greatly appreciate the responsibility as i'm always trying to up my game. 

I'd like to thank you for reading my Application, have a great day and life, no matter the outcome <3 !
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+1, i  dont know why you put "dont know you" as a bad thing, especially coming from people who have left in the time that he has come on

im giving you a +1 spooky because i think you would not abuse it and i think you can make many great PAC's

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2 minutes ago, Spook said:

+1, i  dont know why you put "dont know you" as a bad thing, especially coming from people who have left in the time that he has come on

im giving you a +1 spooky because i think you would not abuse it and i think you can make many great PAC's

He doesn't even have two days of playtime...

How are we meant to give him feedback if we have never seen him?

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You seem like a great guy in-game and show a lot if independence/leadership. Not a lot of new players show that, so I respect that and I thus believe you wouldn't abuse something like PAC.

However, you have no experience with PAC and don't have a huge amount of time on the server. I say that because, from another person's perspective, they'd likely just see you as "another new player" who only wants to have fun with special powers and privileges. Up your playtime a little more and get to know more people, and also download the PAC add-on and have a play around in Single Player. It seems pretty overwhelming at first (trust me, it isn't exactly "apply this here" or "apply this there"), but once you start learning the basics it's pretty easy to understand the rest.

Experiment around and if you manage to create something that you think is good. then post it up so we can see you've had some experience.

Other than that, do all of the above and I'll change this to a big fat juicy +1.


Good luck buddy! :)

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2 hours ago, Spooky said:

Guys i see that the most common thing is my play time so i will strive to make it better and be more active even though i play 6-7 hours a day. Thank you for feed back


The most common thing addressed is, yes, your playtime, but to add, what can also be worked on, is

Your experience! You have, from what you described in your app, very little of it. Go actually learn how to use PAC3 and then attempt to apply.

You probably saw someone with a neat PAC and went "Me Liiiikeeeey!!" and then applied, probably without even knowing what PAC3 actually even is.

Your application itself is not that great. You have made the text very large in order to cover up for the lack of detail and effort in the app.

If you cannot even describe why you should even deserve such a tool, why are you applying????

You believe that PAC3 will give you more ways to RP, and yet you have NO EXPERIENCE AND YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE IT!!!

You say you want to expand your "Role-play Capability" and yet you give zero examples of how you might do that. And even if you did, I highly would doubt the logic of any of the examples you give as you don't even know how to use the tool.

Yes, Your Playtime is what will get this locked, But honestly, it should be locked for many, many more reasons then that.

Even if your playtime was a Week+, I would still -1 this app.

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