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Feels like it's getting out of hand


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7 hours ago, [IG] Mainz said:

OK let's begin.

"I'm leaving IG for a bit idk how long and idk if I will return"

Doesn't this say Im leaving for a bit idk how long and if I will return mean I've officially left? NOOO, it doesn't. It clearly points out I'm going away for a bit whilst deciding if I will return! If I was leaving for good [obviously that's what you want] I would've said permanently leaving IG, not for a bit. I even clearly replied to people on the same post saying "Don't worry I will most likely return" maybe go back and check the whole post before coming out and trying to give me crap for apparently He left and now decided to come back bullshit. I'm sorry but it's people like YOU who trigger me. You've also gone out and given other people horrible names like calling them NAZI'S.

Give me all the shit in the world, bully me do whatever. You also say I'm finding the server less interesting, well yes I do is there a problem with that? and I don't want to fully leave IG so I made the next choice to jump on the server from Time to Time to check it out. Yes, I will be less active because I'm ONLY coming on from time to time like I have stated a trillion times. No, I haven't instantly returned to the server yet, I'm still going to be away from it for awhile so I can come back refreshed and take it at a slower pace. That second post of mine is telling everyone who CARES I'm returning to the server after a bit like I said in my first post that I could possibly do.

Now telling everyone to ignore me is just absolutely pathetic coming from a staff member, and that obviously all I want is rep count up, I couldn't care less if it was high or low.

Seriously take a look at yourself before you start any more trouble with others. For example earlier you -1'd my Tier 2 App, yep keep up. What feedback did you give me? nothing just a -1 so I PM'D you what the issue is and what did you do. Accused me of being inactive and that I should've told you why I was inactive. So I replied with I didn't need to tell you simply because you don't work with me on the server, in fact, you're the complete opposite of what I do. What did you do? you had a hissy fit at me saying I'm being a smartass!? Like cm'on my dude you take things the wrong way to fast and negatively.

So next time before you start shit with me open your eyes.

I apologize if this is harsh but if I'm going, to be honest, you've just really pushed me.

Okay. Now I see if you have mis interpreted what I said.


The jist of that post was to explain to people that if someone leaves with no clear intent and comes back soon later, and will only be active for a little, is quite poor, and should be ignored.


I like that Mainz. Going down to the lowest form, finding that post to which I called someone a Nazi. 

That was taken entirely out of context. Yes, another word could have replaced it, but I suppose that the term "Grammar Nazi" is not hated in your books, so why should someone clearly not wanting people to have fun, be not.


Your 2nd paragraph makes no sense. 

Yes, you don't want to leave the community. But was making a new topic nesserary?


This paragraph is what I find most annoying. The one with the tier 2 app for Pac.

I '-1' his application because he went inactive I personally didn't see him anymore. 


And the thing is my friend, You first accuse me of being wrong, when you have gone inactive and haven't told me or anyone else about it.

I would like you to read over that PM chat, And actually see what you said. I tried to be civil, however you turned it into a issue.

And when I objectively proved you wrong in the end, you never responded. 

Now Mainz, when have you last been on? 

If I didnt know, and at the time of me posting the-1 I didn't, then why am I in the wrong of thinking you have left the community/gone inactive with no reason.

I don't know if you don't tell me.


Now Mainz. If you want to respond to this, I don't mind. I suggest not, do not turn this into an argument.


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Lol this is sorta about just one post Mainz did.

Maybe Mainz cares about the server to let people know about his activity (which is nice of you to let us know ;) )

Maybe Maxine believes that posting stuff not needed shouldn't be happening (which i agree with and is totally true)

And lads, you cant say they both responded with more professional or mature tone when this is legit about Mainz saying good bye then saying a few days later ill pop in here and there.


Just me?

+ I'ld like to add on, if this was an ST Private that posted his goodbyes... we wouldn't care at all. If it was an MHC or high Navy or a commander, we would care, because we would like to know that they will be M.I.A and will not be back for a while or forever so we can know why or how long they are gone for. I believe this applies to a Secretary as well.

I would suggest ya sort this out not on the forums for everyone to see. If you were mature you would sort it out over chat :D if your both confortable, your choice.

All the best <3

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