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Splonter's Event Master Application

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+1 Splonter or as we all know him Blitz, is a great member of the IG community and would make a great EM as he is active and always engaging in RP/events so he could make/lead some good events for the server to play on and his event ideas sound like they would fit well and work out great for the community 




Good Play Time

Very active

Detailed Events, with branching off lines, because not all events go as we want :)

Has learned from his mistakes and will continue to do so

A natural born leader

Very good roleplayer

I wish you luck Splonter



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-1 found you to be very disrespectful and you quickly and easily get mad.

Sorry but have seen you be very rude to people and dont think you would suit the role as a EM   -1

As Red said, you have previously mean rather rude and disrespectful towards me and my fellow engineers, because of this -1. However, this is subject to change the more I get to interact with you.

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