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Bullying/Harassment (Read Me)

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Hello IG Community

This week has been a disappointing week. This is aimed at a few people within the community both staff and the players. Bullying on the server is something taken seriously and can lead to serious punishments. If you are caught bullying people within the community it will now lead to a 2 week minimum ban depending on the situation. Harassment is another major issue and is a serious on the server. Punishment for this will be a 1 week minimum ban depending on the situation.


If you feel you are a victim or aware of a situation involving bullying and/or harassment then you are required to contact Admin ASAP. If staff are not made aware of the situation then it might not be dealt with appropriately. Under no circumstances is anyone to feel like that they have been emotionally and mentally targeted inside the server as well as outside by server players. As staff we try our hardest to support you - but we can only do so if you come to us with your concerns and issues.


As a reminder, Cyberbullying/Harassment is a criminal offence.

Thank you

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