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ST Private Flower/Cricket/Clone/Beaver/Tee

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Player Name: Private Flower/Cricket/Clone/Beaver/Tee (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198802456025) - looks like an alt account from the steam link

Date: 08/01/18

Reliable Witness's:

                                    - Maxine (Iden Versio)

                                    - SGT Snowgoose

                                    - The logs (there would have to be logs of all the name changes at least)

                                    - Gallius Rax (sorry, forgot what your name was before your current character)

What Happened: I got called to the recruit room because one of the new ST SGT's (Snowgoose) was training a recruit by the name of Flowers. Snowgoose was concerned that Flowers was a minge, so I went up to him in RP and told Flowers that he'd better listen to Snowgoose or I'd make him start the training process again under concerns he wouldn't be properly trained.

Upon telling him this I got told to "Shut the fuck up", which then caused me to tell Snowgoose to start the training again. I then was asked by Flowers if I was "triggered" multiple times and then told Snowgoose to to leave the training area. After about 5mins an admin/mod requested someone to train the recruits (Flowers was the only one on) and I told people in OOC not to train him for a while.

I was then brought to the training room by Maxine, who Snowgoose and I then explained the situation. Maxine eventually left but said an eye would be kept on Flowers. As soon as Maxine leaves, Flowers then starts berating me and insulting me to the point where I then just think fuck it, and I shoot him.

Carry on to about 5mins later again, and now Flowers has changed his name to Cricket. He then shoots some people and has an AOS placed on him, which then causes him to change his name to Beaver. After a round of rinse and repeat, has then changes this name 4 more times, before being arrested. During this time there were 4 mods on the server, and only one had given him a warning for changing his name at this point.

I then asked after watching this for almost 20mins with no mods doing anything in admin chat "Can a mod/admin/anyone who's alive come to me". I then explained the situation to Gallius Rax, who then went to deal with Flower (who was now called Tee). Tee, thankfully, had been arrested but disconnected as soon as Gallius went to talk to him.

Luckily I opened up Flower's steam profile earlier (provided in the link above) which seems to be an alt account, as the account is set to private. There should be a shit tone of logs for the name changes in server and the warn will be in the system as well. He used a microphone for all the starting stuff, so I didn't any video or audio.


I may have forgotten a few more names involved, so if you were there, just hit me up on steam and I'll add you to the witnesses.

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