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Simmo (Shaw)'s LGD Application

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Application: Low Grade Developer

Name In-game: Shaw

Teamspeak Name: Simmo/ Shaw

Playtime on the server: 3 weeks 2 days, some minutes and secs

Age: 21

Programming languages you know: LUA

Why do you want to become a Low Grade Dev?

I have assisted friends with coding for a DarkRP server and a SWRP server (DarkRP based). I coded most of the jobs, shipments, F4 weapons, as well as bwhitelist, blogs, etc. I don’t have an extensive knowledge of LUA, but am willing to learn more to complete tasks set.

I also have reskinned a few models, but have not built any models from scratch. One of which is on the workshop under TheAwesomeSimmo.

I really enjoy playing on the server and would like to help develop it to make it better and to give back to the server.

Have you made any other scripts or content I should know about?

Nothing besides reskinning a model. Link included.


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