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In-game alias: Kelvan
Your SteamID:  76561197990472022
When was the ban: I think it was a week or 2 ago.
How long is the ban: perm ban
Which admin banned you: Frank
Explain the situation: During Debrief I was standing next to a navy person and I was a navy engineer so I thought it made sense if I stood next to them so I did, while I was standing next to them during debrief that same navy person was messaging me to move and stand somewhere else at that time I was lagging badly so I couldn't see them messaging me so I didn't move, The navy person arrested me and moved my aside, Since I was not getting there messages since I was lagging I was confused and upset I asked for the navy person so explain them self and they told me they asked me several times to move I told them to unarrest me so they did, I had a argument with the navy person and I told him to shh several times since they wouldn't shut up during debrief since it is PTS, I then got killed by Palpatine once I revived I found out that I was demoted and kicked from my regiment which angered me so much since my intent was never to minge or grief it was just a miss understanding that went wrong since I was angry that same navy person who is a staff member of the server pulled me aside and without me letting them speak I swore and went off at them and frank appeared and witnessed my anger. I am angry and upset that this happened I wish it didn't happen that way because I was enjoying being a engineer and I was really trying to get promoted and be a assest to the navy engineers.
Why you deserve a second chance:
I believe I deserve a second chance because I am over what happened and I want to move on and try to join anouther regiment and just be more careful in what I do and be careful in what I say. I do apologise in what happened and I just to enjoy imperial gaming server like I did before.
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Okay. So. 


You lying sack of crap. You describe me as a Navy personal, when you knew who it was. I see during this you try and refrain from using Iden (Or Maxine) as I was the leading cause of your ban and kind of demotion. Considering you called Frank and I a cunt more times than I can count on 1 hand, and plus the reason that you thought of so many "creative" ways to insult me by calling me not just a cunt, but an asshole puts your maturity level down to a kindergarten student. 


I recently put a post a post on the forums explaining who I am. That being Transgender. This isnt a issue, until you realize that you (or your friend) put this in chat: 


"(OOC) ST Private Critical: hey iden you transgender nigger demoting someone for saying shh because you cant stfu during a debrief isnt a valid reason"


Explain that. 

I'm gonna be honest, when you got all aggressive at me for demoting you, I thought it was amusing. But until you got this. 


If I was part of the management team my friend, I wouldnt even consider your application. Grow the fuck up. 


This is full of lies this app is. Do not unban him. He took something personal, from me, and decided to make fun of it for his (or his friends) own personal gain. 

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-1 due to the fact that you would go as far as taking personal information and using it as a insult in a game, that is not on in anyway in my eyes, so no i don't believe you deserve another chance.

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