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Staticiser's LGD Application


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Staticiser's Low Grade Developer Application

Name In-game:


Teamspeak Name:


Playtime on the server:

     1 week, 1 day, 17 hours.



Programming languages you know:

    In the past I have used HTML, CSS, XML, SQL and JAVA, although it has been a while since I have used these. Recently I have been learning QS and VTF related code for modelling. I'm not going to include LUA as of yet in this list, despite being what you're after because I am still in the early stages of learning this code for my own scripts. Despite not being programming languages, I'm proficient with photo shop and undertaking a modelling course in my own time to further my skills and create some truly original content.

Why do you want to become a Low Grade Dev?

     My recent project of redesigning the prophet models has rekindled my love for development that I once had in the past. In recent years, work and the training required for my work held me back significantly from this passion. During those years I had a significant drop in spare time and I faded away from the hobbies I once had. While the learning curve back into design, and more specifically learning how to modify Garry's Mod has been steep, I feel like this position is a great opportunity for myself to further my skills and grasp a deeper understanding of the mechanics involved in creating content, scripts and features for Garry's Mod. 

     I don't have high expectations when it comes to myself picking up this position. LUA is still a new language to me, despite only using it briefly in past, I never used to the level of the other languages I have used. I may not be at the level required for this position yet, however it would give me a good scope of the level I need to reach before potentially attempting to apply for this role in the future. 

     I am going to continue to create and push for content to be added to the sever. Since redesigning the Prophet models I have already been approached by other members of the community to modify existing content or create new content in order to improve there experience. I hope that once I develop some of the scripts I am currently planning that I will become approachable for that department in order to add new features that can be utilised by players and staff for routine and event related operations on the sever.

     At the end of the day, the position allows me to make a bigger impact on the sever. To be directly involved in creating and programming content specifically for the sever puts myself in a better position to push for content to be added. Despite being a small role to start, the increased communication between the current developers gives me a greater scope of what can be included, and the limitations involved in the content I create. I would be able to ask for help and learn directly from experienced programmers. 

Have you made any other scripts or content I should know about?

     The only content I have released at this stage is the prophet redesign, however I will list the projects I am currently undertaking and the ones I am planning on creating.

  • Custom Lightsaber Hilts (Modelling)
  • Seyn Marana Model (Modelling and texturing)
  • Adaptive Keybinds (LUA)
  • Passive AI (LUA)

     I'm not going to dive into the modelling projects, I feel that they are fairly self explanatory, however I will explain my concepts for the scripts I intend to create, and how they can be utilised on the sever.

Adaptive Keybinds

     The underlining concept behind this script is to create console commands that take information from an entity or player and utilise that in role play scenarios through the chat. Being a prophet on the sever, it would be handy to have a key binding which takes the player I am targeting's name and having that fill into /me scenarios. For example, if I was interrogating John Smith, I would simply press the appropriate key bind and the outcome would read "Uses force influence on John Smith...". The idea behind this is to streamline role play scenarios where player names are required. It could also be used as a tool by players without a microphone to assist in their communication around the sever. I will list a few more scenarios below where this could be used.

     "/me presents ID to Player_name for inspection..."

     "AOS on Player_name..."

     "/me salutes Player_name" or "/me bows to Player_name"

     "/me Searches and confiscates the coomunication devices of Player_name"

Passive AI

     Simple in concept, I'm currently exploring the possibility to add passive NPC's to events when role play is more active then combat. For example, in a scenario where we are investigating a market environment, AI could be added which manoeuvre around the area, or are sitting down, running stalls etc. to add a more immersive feel in those scenarios. I would include an interface on the tool gun to quickly add NPC's when setting up events, and also to remove them when combat starts to improve performance of the sever. It is still early days, and I am planning on completing the adaptive key binds before attempting this more complicated script.

Final Statement

     Regardless of the outcome of this process, I will continue to develop and improve my current projects. This is an opportunity that has presented itself much sooner then I thought. I would rather have an application out there on the small chance I am selected then to let this opportunity slip, and it shows that I am interested in the possibility of becoming a developer for the sever at some point. To those who are chosen I have no doubt that your contributions, however small will continue to improve the quality and experience provided from Imperial Gaming.


Kind Regards,


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