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Kumo’s LGD Application

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Name In-game: Kumo

Teamspeak Name: Kumo

Playtime on the server: Something around 4weeks, not near my pc right now.

Age: 14

Programming languages you know: Basic GLua

Why do you want to become a Low Grade Dev? Being an event master my job is to make the server fun and enjoyable, I believe I can extend this by becoming a LGD in which I can also help the server grow and prosper, its that simple.

Have you made any other scripts or content I should know about? At the moment nothing more than some basic useful scripts/hooks and a few jobs (some which have been added to the server) however I am learning and becoming better at it daily.

I have also developed over 10 darkrp/swrp/ttt/jailbreak servers which I can name if anyone is curious and a few jobs on gmodstore.


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1 hour ago, Mordecai said:

Also @Kumo it took me ten minutes to figure out how to change the syntax on sublime three as i have only used two, which text editor do you use?

I use sublime 2 or notepad++

also relevant to your previous post I personally dont believe much detail needs to be put in if I answered the question promptly and I sadly cant change the colour on my phone, apologies for the blandness.

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