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Mord's/Tensile Tier 1 App


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I like to think each part of this app is as important as the other, so if an admin is to read, please read all.

What is your In-game name: DT Officer Mordecai

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:482244

Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198056714557/

Play time: 2w  4d

Have you used PAC Before: Not extensively, but there is many pac users i am friends with that know what they're doing and there's many youtube videos to teach me. I can't imagine becoming a pac master is easy but it is something i would find fun to do. I'm always aspiring to try new things and in this past year i've been learning clarinet. (sort've irrelevant)

Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I don't believe in the fact being known makes you trustworthy, but i believe i am a trustworthy member of the community because of two reasons, i uphold the rules and ethics of the server as best i can and i used to be commander/ high colonel of death troopers two positions that require trust. I understand these were a while ago, but i have remained all the same. As of this moment i don't have any warns kicks or bans on the server. I try my hardest not to failrp or minge and i like to think i do a pretty good job as of now. As i am not the most known on the server but i will try to improve that for myself. 

Most important of all, no matter how much it tempts me i am going to take pac seriously and not do stupid wall backflip or breakdance animations with it. It is a tool of RP and shouldn't be used to dumb things. I may sound like a bit of a squidward saying it but i think it's important to have some restraint.

Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph): I want pac for a more immersive rp experience. It sounds like a cliche, but being able to switch  between models and extras that can be put on the outside of models can change a lot.  I have heard that pac improves rp a significant  amount and this is something i am looking forward to. I try to rp all i can event with people outside of my regiment and i believe having pac 3 will help me do this. I also want pac so i can immerse myself and the people around me more. It is not all about cosmetics, it can also be about poses and animations.

Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): I will make sure not to over do it with the props hanging off my model or changing the model outright, and i have been playing with this community for a while. I also think i deserve pac because I take the rp rules very seriously and i am going to be extremely responsible in the way of not putting random non lore related things. Being a DT means that i am generally very disciplined as DT are, although this is only an rp factor and essentially doesn't say anything about me, at least i got this far. I'm going to try and gain as much respect and friendship as possible with all the players because the IG community is mostly full of wonderful people. Although it is not a staff app, i am going to bring up in the past i have been staff on IGs old partner milrp and various other servers.

Things i wanted to add: Coming up with original ideas for a DT model other than a laser sight and making the model bigger has proven to me a difficult task, this is basically why my pacs are taking a little longer than expected. (+ the fact i'm a complete novice). My previous names incase anyone cares have been Mordecai > Bet > Shaz > Apolouo > Mordecai, i essentially was changing it a lot because i couldn't find myself comfortable in any regiment and i was being accused of reg hopping rightfully so. Ironically i have settled in DT the regiment i used to lead many months back. Another thing to add, although i have been a member of the community a long time, i understand there have been people waiting for pac much longer than i have so at the moment it's only a dream and i'm working on myself as a player each day.

Ideas/Progress (Pictures added for a visual, if it's not allowed just ping me on ts)

- Protective kama skirt that's not too intrusive and will keep the sleekness of the dt model- concept 



- A range finder that can be toggled up and down (to note i have seen this before but i don't know if it could be toggled) 



- Not for me, but a dual lightsaber pac that looks like two lightsabers in actuality it functions the same as a normal saber (the one on the left being completely un collideable or mabye even hold it backwards.)


- An action for stripping weapons that is a little more immersive than act becon - in progress

The mario looks a bit silly but i didn't want to open the game again to record it myself.


- A climbswep pac that makes it look a little less ridiculous (Don't know if this can be done at all just a thought a rope perhaps? Spiky shoes?)


Again, although i'm not expecting an abundance of good feedback because people do not know me yet, i thought it would be good to get it in early.

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did the fattest add to the app ever
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I won't quote everyone, but thankyou for the positive feedback, i wasn't expecting such. 

Rank update: Sith marauder initiate mordecai

Play time update: 2w 1d

Also i've been dabbling in pac3 in singleplayer i have nothing to show for it yet but that's being worked on.

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Update: Pacs are coming along nicely, just want to make sure they don't suck before i post them.\

2nd update: I know i have been leaving regiments left and right but i have made the decision to stick with medics, or leave the server. I hope you famsquads understand me. I'm sure i've broken hearts and im Sorry. 

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While my first impression of you was not great, since then I have had some really good interactions with you. I feel a bit like your still trying to find your home on the regiment, but jave no doubt that your intentions are pure. 

It's not cliche to say you want a more immersive RP experience, personally it's the best thing you can say because it's there for RP, not to "look cool".

I haven't seen your Pac's yet, although I am definately interested in seeing what you come up eith in the future.

On a small note, you should capitalise the 'i' in your application. 




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@Phresh Zeisty@Staticiser@NickArino

Thankyou, means a lot.

Update: It's just occured to me that i didn't make a post before going on holidays (16th - 20th) but it's pretty much too late as i am returning today. That's basically why you haven't seen me recently. 

The pacs should be ready to post soon but since trying to find original ideas for the ISB model proves to be difficult.

Thanks for all the support that i wasn't expecting. Happy rping.

--Written from some shitty restaraunt with like ten kids sprinting around behind me

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