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Woah check out this map.


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An awesome map,

but the thing is Lambda's and the Krennic Shuttle don't fit in either hanger, although you could open the top and have them land in the hanger below the main one.

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Honestly this looks GrEaT 

but......we a rouge one server 

we can't just switch...oh what *someone whispers in deltas ear*

we could use it for events 

better get brain storming EM team 

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I agree, we are past the point of using venators.


HOWEVER! I do recommend you guys just giving this map a look around due to how amazing and detailed it is.

The bridges are well made with inter-actable turrets and a active hyperdrive system that allows you to travel to

A. empty space

B. special locations such as asteroid fields and a wormhole which i haven't seen yet

C. planets that change the skybox.

Not to mention, they hyperdrive sequence is VERY fancy.


The ship also has a nice interior that feels like a proper interconnected ship, and has a lovely Brig as well, equipped with a lockdown system as well as security surveillance screens.


There's many more rooms worthy exploring, but the last thing i will mention is the engine room...

and MY GOODNESS! the Engine room is BEAUTIFUL.

Beams of raw energy flowing from pylon into the core, which hums ominously, and surrounding the core is a networking series of pipes.

There is also an entry INTO the core, where you must first go through a decontamination tube before arriving to a pulsating ball of raw energy located at the centre of a circular room.


Great map

I dont recommend it for the server, unless its for an event, in which case, we're going to get SO lost...

but it is a MUST see

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