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Broker's Event Master Application

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Steam Name: Rich “Porg Fucker” Evens


Do you have a microphone that you can use regularly?: Yes

Steam ID:

In-game name and rank: Rescue Trooper Lieutenant Broker

Time Played: 1 week 2 days

Why are you applying for this position?: I’m applying to join the Imperial Gaming Staff Team because I believe I can bring an experienced, versatile and dedicated member to the team that is extremely active, cooperative and adaptable. In addition I believe that I have an above average writing skill allowing events to have a more in depth story and some to have a strong continuous plot.

How will allowing you to be a part of our staff team help us?: I believe that I could provide as stated before a more in depth and realised story to some of the events, In addition I feel that I could bring even more experience toward an already excellent EM team and assist those that are in the trial EMs to grow and enjoy the role.

Have you been an Event Master on previous servers? If so please list them: I have been an event master on two servers Colossal Gaming May-August 2016 and Valhalla gaming throughout it’s operation

Have you had any warnings, kicks or bans if so please list them: I have had no warnings, kicks or bans on any server

What can you do to make events more enjoyable and attract more people?: In addition to more in depth story and plot lines,  I believe that some of the events need more consequences and this would make them more attractive due to the fact if you identify a clear way that our forces may lose the stakes are greater and therefore investment from those participating is higher. As well as story aspects I also bring a great understanding and dedication into pre-planning my events in areas such as HP and weapon balance so the enemies do not feel cheap and annoying, the availability of many different roles  for example there are roles in my events that are combat heavy while others are clearly RP heavy but both are included so to make those who sign up for the event have the most enjoyment possible depending on their preferences  and also a sense of what locations are used and what props are needed to create such a location so it does not effect the server, is easy to navigate and find as well as look the part.

Anything else you would like to add:

Two different example events that you will do if you get accepted for the position of Event Master:

Event One: Poetic Justice

 Key Idea: Lost contact with slave transport ship exporting Salves from Ryloth to a nearby imperial spice mine, the newly appointed Warden was on the ship and is the key to future economic expansion within the sector. We must go to Ryloth make contact with the ship, find out where he has been taken and rescue him.

Map: RP_tatooine_dunesea_v1

Event characters needed 15 as well as active recon regiments and at least one active medical trooper

Rebel Trooper * 8 (two will receive pulse cannons)

Will be whitelisted to role

Scale: None

HP: 1500

Lives: 4


Freed Slaves *4

Model: models/padawan6/padawan6.mdl

Weapon: DL-44, E-11

HP: 1000

Scale: None

Lives: 3



Model: models/padawan4/padawan4.mdl

HP: 3000

Scale: None

Weapons: Lightsaber

Lives: 3



Model: models/padawan2/padawan2.mdl

HP: 4000

Scale: None

Weapons: Pulse Cannon, EE-3

Lives: 1

Act 1: We have lost contact with the newly appointed warden of one of our imperial spice mines, the warden was on a transport ship exporting slaves to the mine from the planet Ryloth. We must go to the planet and make contact with the ship and check for survivors. Commanders will be told in the prior meeting that there will be two parties, a recon party made of Rancor, SCAR and Shadow Troopers and an attack party made up of the rest of the regiments they will have separate objectives that will be revealed as the mission unfolds. Debrief will be given and we will board ships. Troops land on the planet and the scouting party will be told that the black box of the ship is sending out a transmission from the north east, they will be sent out and comms in when they find the ship. The ship with have multiple dead bodies and obvious signs of battle, while this is happening the Rebels will say that they have spotted imperial forces by the crashed ship and those at the landing area and on the scouting mission will be attacked by four rebels each. One of the rebels by the landing zone will give himself up and be interrogated while the rest of the troopers will be told to gather back at the landing zone and get ready for battle. The rebel will then reveal that the rebels are hiding out in the caverns and that the warden is still alive but has been fitted with a microchip that tracks his position and if activated could be detonated to kill the warden. The rebels plan to enact some form of poetic justice by moving him into the slave trade.

Act 2 and 3: The regiments will be told of this information through comms by the ISB operative interrogating the prisoner and then be ordered into their groups, the battle squad will be told do a frontal attack on the base located in the caverns while the recon team will be told to sneak into extract the warden and assassinate the rebel commander who has the ability to kill the warden. They discover the outpost and see two speeders, medium defenses and in the back of the compound and a small hut (where the warden will be located) the rebel troopers and freed slaves will be posted on the walls while the commander will have guarding the warden. The battle will have three waves (also symbolise the lives remaining of the event characters)

1st Imperials attack the base and all the rebels are killed

2nd once the imperials take the base the rebels will launch a counter attack after this attack the troopers will be told to search the base for intel, they will find a console with a data pad next to it, the Warden that is saved will reveal that he over heard the rebels talking about trying to repair it they said it had possible information of other potential cells on the planet and could lead to a Ryloth completely under Imperial control. The Navy/ Eng will extract the console with the warden.

3rd the rebels will hold the end of the cavern by the landing zone and attack the troopers evacuating

Once the third wave is completed we will evacuate the planet and debrief will be done on ship, once debrief is finished the medical troopers will do RP based on checking up of the wardens health and removing the chip in his neck. The Engineers will RP repairing the console and finding out it is not just a computer but a fully functioning AI. 


Event Two: Unshackled

Key Idea: The AI found on Ryloth from our recent battle on the planet was recovered and is being implemented onto the ship to assist the Navy, ISB and MHC in their duties. The AI is shackled as so to make the AI completely under the control of the Empire. However, the Warden that was saved will remove said shackles and reveal himself to be planted by the Rebels. The AI goes rouge and it is up to us to stop it before its too late and it escapes the Star Destroyer.


Map: Star Destroyer

Event Characters needed 11 as well as an active Navy officer and at least two active Engineers (if not will have to make someone an event character that can fill these roles)

KX droids * 8

Model: models/player/valley/K2SO.mdl

Scale: 1.2

HP: 2000

Weapons: SE-14c, DTL-19

Lives: will be respawned throughout the 20-minute time limit


Warden (name will depend on the first event)

Model: models/player/swbf_imperial_officer_admiralv2/swbf_imperial_officer_admiralv2.mdl

Scale: not needed

HP: 1000

Weapons: Active Camouflage, DH-17

Lives: One Life


Saber training droids *2

Model: models/church/swotr/imperialdroid/cpt_imperialdroid

Scale: 1.1

HP: 3000

Weapons: Lightsaber

Lives: 2



I will play as the AI, as the AI is located at one point, does not move and only will do RP through /comms and then at the end through voice comms with those that converse with it if that is that way the troopers want to deal with the AI. (would be a very boring role if given to someone else)

Act 1: All Commanders will be called into a meeting and will be briefed that the AI recovered on Ryloth has been recovered and will be installed onto the ship along with the Sith receiving two training droids and 6 of the most active regiments receiving KX droids. The droids will be delivered by dropship and dispatched to their regiments, while this is happening the engineers will RP though comms the final installation of the AI into our systems. Things will go on as normal for around 5-10 minutes while troopers return to duties and the Navy will RP through comms (general admin and scanning with the AI). After this is done the Warden from Ryloth will head to where the AI is installed on the bridge and unshackle the AI.

Act 2: AI will begin to be obviously unnerved and unresponsive to orders, the ship will randomly jump to hyperspace, the lockdown will begin and MH2 will be completely locked down. The Navy will also say that the engines coolant system has been shut down and is overheating. In addition, the new droids will turn against the troopers. (give at least some time for droids to escape regiments and hide) Navy will comms that the AI is transmitting off the ship and trying to upload it’s self else- where to escape and we have 20 minutes before the upload in finished. They Navy will explain why that’s an issue (has access to all imperial data, access to imperial hardware, etc) however they will also say that they may be able to triangulate the current position of the AI by the troops fixing all the issues with the ship. So therefore, the troops must escort and guard the engineers through to all the locations where the issues are located, control room for lockdown, engine room for coolant system (engineers will have to build a new coolant system not through /me RP but physically) and MH2 controls for lock of the hanger bays. While this happening the droids will be trying to stop the troopers by guarding these points before they arrive and attacking them once they have lost control of them.  

Intel received after each location fix

1: The AI is no longer located on the bridge nor is it in MHC

2: The AI’s transmission is coming from close-proximity to one of the malfunctioning locations

3: located by the pilot bunks

The AI will RP through comms about the Organics mistreatment of synthetics and how organic life must always either try and subjugate and enslave technology and destroy it while also giving upload up dates every 5 minutes 25,50,75 and 100% upload completions.

Act: 3

If the troops do not fix all the areas within the limit the AI will escape and be an adversary in another event and the current area where it is located explodes frying key data cores within the ships database destroying any of the data recovered about the current locations of rebel cells collected on Ryloth.

If the troopers do fix all the locations within the time they will be given the third clue and told that the Navy have managed to contain the upload. They will the look for the AI and once found the troops can either destroy the AI and prove the AI point or converse with the AI and see whether it can be convinced to assist the empire despite its free will (I will then decide whether the argument is sound if so they AI will help the empire in a future event, if not the AI deletes itself)

Debrief speech

 Failure: I regret to inform you troopers today that due to your inability to assist the engineers in fixing the key locations the AI has escape with access to some of our most sensitive hardware and data, if this AI were to fall into the rebellions hands it could be one of the most serious threats to the Empire since its creation. I expected more troopers however we cannot dwell on the past and must look toward the future and bring order to this situation before it gets out of hand. Navy you must see if you can locate where the AI has move it’s self and whether it is close to any know rebel cell locations, this is top priority (Navy will RP tracking AI will be on a junk planet called Raxus Prime) Engineers I want you to take the droids that fought against us in this battle dismantle them and look at the memory cores to find out any information that is there regarding them being controlled by the AI (The cores will have been fried by the AI) Placing and ST promos, you are all dismissed       

Success AI lived: Well done troopers not only were you able to fix the ships issues you were also able to salvage the AI and convince it even with its new-found freedom to assist the Empire, the AI will now be sent off to one of our Imperial military research facilities to assist in weapons development. I cannot thank you enough troopers this will be a major help for the Empire. Placings and ST promotions. You are all dismissed

Success AI deleted: Well done troopers you were able to neutralise the treat and repair the ship at the same time, you fought hard and escorted the engineers flawlessly. While it is sad that the AI deleted its self, it was clear that it had seen through our intentions to utilise it for our own needs and probably would have turned against us at a future date. Placings and ST promotions, you are all dismissed




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31 minutes ago, Guskywalker said:

+1, I've worked with Broker before and he's a great event master. I believe he can make a great addition to the team.

Good Luck. :)


1 hour ago, Emerald said:


Cheers guys really appreciate the positive feedback

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3 hours ago, Guskywalker said:

+1, I've worked with Broker before and he's a great event master. I believe he can make a great addition to the team.

Good Luck. :)

Well if Gusky gave a plus one then you clearly deserve it . +1

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4 hours ago, LePaul said:


I like the detail put into the events.

There are a couple of spelling mistakes in this application, make sure to proof read.

Cheers for the +1 and also the constructive criticism, had a quick touch up on the application hopefully most of the errors are now corrected. One of the negative aspects of submitting so early in the morning.

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