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Is !p (PM) RP?  

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  1. 1. Is !p (PM) RP?

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This is a kinda hard question, many people say it is, many people say it isn't. It's kinda difficult to say. Even staff say its a matter of use. Like what?

If it is a matter of use thing, is it like (E.g: !p ANiX {Private Comms} Yo I think Krennic is a dawg) <- Is that RP? 

BTW, if it IS RP and someone said some pretty PK-able or demotable things in a PM, it could be forged and there would be no way of knowing that.

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Risky move dissing krennic in or out of character, be careful. 

Sometimes jman likes overseeing re-education himself ;)

I'd say it depends on matter of use, I rarely use anything but ooc and looc to break character.

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I take it as RP if it is related to someone or something on the server without mentioning an outside thing but I take it as OOC if it's like "Oy Dog did you watch that one rebels episode where there was a lightsaber?" 

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1 minute ago, Little5avage said:

Best way to put it
It is in RP unless you do something like ( !p (Name) OOC that was a good shot) Then it gets taken out of RP and is in OOC

One or the other not both cause no one wants to write OOC everytime.


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Yeah I've only ever used PM for OOC, like whats the need for RP PM's when there's voice chat for that and if a higher enough rank /comms

Like if it's in RP I would have been PK'd many times and it's quite easy to forge a PM.

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