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I'm done (update 8/1/18)

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This is it. This is my goodbye from IG. When I first joined back in 2016 to early 2017 I was greeted by friendly people and made new friends who would be fun to play with and want to play other games, now? I have hated it. I felt like no one cared I was on and I was just another burden to staff who didn't take me seriously. I found a new place to call home, the Prophets and then I was kicked out and not allowed to explain anything. I came here to makes friends and have people who would appreciate the things we had. Now I get angry whenever I say goodbye everyone and I get nothing. I am willing to return back if something changes but as of right now I feel depressed over the fact that I have no friends, I felt in the beginning all the people I was around thought I was funny and a good person all around. Since then all of them have moved on and I have tried to find new friends and I have felt left in the dust. I still feel drawn to SWRP due to my love for the world. But as of now I do no feel welcomed. Goodbye

(EDIT) I felt like I was holding back in some situations making it seem like I was over-reacting so I will go in full detail this is probably 18+ so if you don't like it, ok.

Since my second coming of IG I had been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, sometimes the depression was so extreme I had to lock my doors and hide from everything. Since then my anxiety has worsened. I quit my job, I didn't go to my graduation and I rarely leave my house only when I really want to. Of course I felt like IG would help and it did in the beginning. Until I tried to slit my throat with an Xactoblade. Since then I have been more dependant on other people and sensitive to people saying things about me. Of course I am getting help but it saddens me that I have lost a coping mechanism to this shithole of a thing I call depression. I never thought I would say this but it literally brings me to tears that I feel I need to go.

- El (ex-prophet) 


So I tried again to reset my actions here at IG to no avail I lost a couple of close friends and ended up feeling more shit than when I started. I want to thank Puppy for trying to encourage me to keep going on here but now I know i'm not wanted. Goodbye to the people who did like me as a trooper as a sith hell even as a friend. i'll miss you

 surprise motherfucker im stayingHimouto_umaru-chan.gif.74b461f304bb46410205a331e9a167d0.gif


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Please don't leave ;-;

I loved you <3

But I've been where you have been, I chose to give it another chance and stand my ground. I suppose it can get to an extent where it's uncontrollable, and I just want to say if you need any help, we're here for you.

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11 hours ago, Emerald said:

But... But... 

i wuv u ;-;

Hopefully everything can improve.


1 hour ago, Ramirez said:

Cya man, Hopefully you will you return :)



1 hour ago, Delta said:

Bye my dood 

if puppy loves you I love you 

and don't worry things can only get better 


4 hours ago, KIX said:

Cya :(


10 hours ago, Ling Ling said:

ill be your friend :( 

After some talks with Puppy i've decided to try again, thanks for the kind words

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I'll give you a tip EL things are gonna get shit but they do get better. Don't go making any choices to quickly it might be something you regret

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