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happy birthday

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Happy new years, nerds.

Big thank you to the IG community and especially these sneaky devils

@Caboose for being a top bloke and getting smashed on the weekend and showing it on snapchat.

@Little5avage for being a absolute fukn legend and a half and being a great mate.

@El_ for being a respectable minge.

@Crims for being a less respectable minge.

@Arctiic for making a good spreadsheet and being a top bloke in general.

@draKe for being a good secretary and calling me a filthy Bandit main

@Black Leader for taking me in when I was a little ST PVT to Pilots

@Kendrick for mass-promoting me to RST commander.

@Sal for bullying me.

@Head Coach Frank for being an alright-ish palpatine.

@Carnifex for bullying me aswell xxx

@Everyone i guess aswell <3


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@Twinkiestole your spot as inferno droid


if you got inferno droid you wouldnt of gotten rst commander, i think

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