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Greetings, all. I never ended up making one of these when I first joined IG (partly because I'm not on any forums very much, anymore), but I can feel that I'm going to be sticking around for a while.

So... Hello! My name is cjh-... well, you would know me on the server as Greyback; formerly known as IO and Yurion. I pretty much stumbled upon Imperial Gaming like a lot of you would have; by chance, curiosity, boredom, or even pure interest. I was mainly curious to see what an RP Server would look like on Garry's Mod, and to say the least I was not disappointed. Everything is very tightly knit together, and the general community is very likeable. So I came back, and then came back again, and then came back some more, devoting more of my time to RP on a very... entertaining server. :P

I do confess that I've had my share of minging (but seriously, who hasn't?), although I feel as if I'm slowly starting to find a more mature role here. I do love RP'ing, yes, but I also love being out-there and different. Eager with intent to put a smile on someone's face, when they least expect it (especially on a very serious RP server...). So, expect the unexpected from me. Don't say I didn't warn you. ;)

So... yeah! I won't ramble on much more.

Cheers lads,

- cjhrjone54 Greyback

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