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Hello, my name is Schamual A (Not In Real Life) I have been on the server for a couple of days now. This server is hella lite and I hope it lasts for millions and millions of years.

Hopefully i will make a lot of friends so thanks for reading as this is my first forum post on this website it's ya boi Schamual A and thank you for reading this :D.

And one More thing Happy New Year.

Sincerely, Schamual A 

Edited by Schamual
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2 hours ago, Emerald said:

meems galore


7 hours ago, Spook said:

+1, has the most overpowered anime character as his profile pic



4 hours ago, Fox said:

Cory in the house in one of my favorite animes, its right up there with bobs burgers and seinfield. We'll get alomg just fine, kid. *tips fedora*

You guys should join shore the meme of the Empire 

Welcome my dood 

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