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Happy New Year

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Hello IG Players,

                    Happy New Year To All IG Players & Staff, I would like to thank everyone that makes this community whole. I hope you guys had a great 2017 & I look forward to see everyone in 2018 as well as all the new faces .

Special Mentions:

@Martibo ~ You were the only reason i joined this server & I thank you so much for that.

@Imposing ~ I thank you for being a friend & being a great staff member.

@Mauler ~ You are a living meme please stay this way.

@Little5avage ~ You are an amazing person and a great member to this community.

@Kosmos ~ You are the best member of this community and will forever hold that title.

@Everyone ~ You guys have made this year great for me, love you all.


Thank You,

             From ANiX                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  o7


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