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Read this, or I'll punch you in the throat.

[IG] Tackxo

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I don't think I've actually made one of these yet so.... 

Gday, my names Tackxo. You probably know me from places such as Pilot Bunks, Navy Bunks, ISB HQ, Storm Marine bunks, Juggernaut Bunks, ST bunks, and most importantly the Sith Temple. 

I'm that one kid who got EM somehow. 

I'm also that kid that gets picked on by Crims and Carnifex.

I'm also that one kid that wants to punch everyone in the throat.

I'm also that one kid that commands RST.

I'm also that one kid that hates the pure thought of existence.

Anyways, that's me. 

Roger dodger, Alpha Charlie Delta Tango over and out.

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