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Welshy (aka Kallus)


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So I do not think many of you know me, so GREETINGS I am ya boi Welshy, I am Kallus at the moment in game...
I would like to thank my product "Fried Ryes" for the sponsorship of creating this, Cards, Slicer, you know what I mean haha xD
Anyway hello people, I hope to get to know you all more and become a well known respectable community member, now you know me just a little more :P 

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7 hours ago, MD-Bo55k said:

oh, hey fulcrum I MEAN ughhhh Agent Kallus


If you were a rebel, all rebel spies would legit be captured, your like archer when he calls the deep undercover spies xD when he is drunk


11 minutes ago, KIX said:

Did you just expose him? Capital punishment for you my friend

I gotta debunk this shit

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