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          This post contains the progress of my development for the Prophet redesign. I'm constantly updating this post as I progress in the development, and encourage feedback and suggestions of edits I could make.

         Initial Development


Today I started the re texture for this model, and have reached a point where I am happy to present it to the community and staff as a suggestion. It still contains some errors, which I hope to resolve shortly, however at this stage I am rather stumped. Despite this, I would like to present my re texture to this model. Feel free to leave advice, suggestions and criticism regarding my modifications.


st of my time up to this stage was focused on rectifying a lighting issue. The illumination reference was placing itself below ground, causing the model to use different lighting parameters. I manually set this illumination reference to the correct position to code, resolving the issue. The model now using the correct lighting parameters on the ground, as seen in the image below. At this stage I'm still working with the metal textures.


          I've now continued working on the facial textures, attempting to remove the "Starkiller" look and create an unique look for the prophet. I'm avoiding editing the model, because that will cause issue's with how the texture wraps around the model, however if required I will edit the model to further this look. Changes I am making to the facial texture include adding a beard, new eyes, modified mouth, skin texture and a smother transition for the facial shadow. 


          This is the stage I am currently at with the re texture of the facial model. There is a texture wrapping issue on the corner of the lips which I have been unable to resolve at this stage, I suspect that those areas are using a different cut from the texture file. There is also some texture bleeding on the top of the hood, which indicates I missed a small section of recolouring when I was working with the texture, I'll have this resolved shortly.

          I've settled for a rusted/worn metal texture, I still need to modify the parameters of the reflection to make it appear more natural and subtle. I'm hopping that once I've finished with the reflection parameters, I will have achieved the look I'm after with these components.

          At it's current stage, I'd be happy for it to be implemented as the new prophet model, the changes being made following this are only minor cosmetics. I intend to create duplicates and modify them further for the different ranks. I would like to create four variations in total. The current stage would be used for the lowest rank, Prophet Visionary, as it contains no modifications. Upon being promoted, the next variation would include the prophet symbol, location is TBD. For the High Prophet and Supreme Prophet, I would add colour to the trim of the cloths. At this stage I'm considering an orange for the High Prophet and Red for the Supreme Prophet. Colour additions to the clothing would be minor, strictly limited to a few pieces and only around the edges where existing trim can be seen. 


*****Hit box Concerns*****


          Recently, some concerns were raised regarding the hit box when the original model was run on the sever as a test. They were worried that this hit box was extremely large compared to the other models on the sever. Upon investigating the situation, I've discovered no issues with the hit boxes in use. I suspect that the issue is caused by the sever, as it no longer runs the original model, and that the hit box appeared to be the same size as the ERROR that appears in game. To confirm there was no issue, I visually enabled the hit boxes in game to observe where they are in comparison to the model. The outcomes of this test are below.




*****Update 31 DEC 17*****

So I've been working recently on improving the the small issue I have with the model, and am happy to announce that I have finished the next stage of development. In short, I've adjusted the textures so the texture wrapping on the model is cleaner, I've created a new bump map for the head, and added 3 texture variants for different prophet roles.

With the textures, I mentioned earlier that on the hood a texture overlap is observed. I've spent majority of my time this update going over the texture files, cleaning up any inconsistencies that were produced when the recolour was carried out. As well as this, I have gone through and created three new textures to be applied with different roles of the Prophets. Prophet Visionary will retain the original redesign, as it contains no special aspects. It is as you would call it, the template for any future modifications that may be included. 

Supreme Prophet


          The Supreme Prophet utilises a red trim around the edges of the cloth. The symbol of the prophets (last image) has been added to the cloth matching the colour of the trim.

High Prophet


          Like the Supreme Prophet, the High Prophet utilises an orange trim, with the prophet symbol on the cloth matching the colour of the trim.

Lesser Prophet and above


          The Lesser Prophet and above does not utilise any coloured trim, however the prophet symbol has been added to the cloth matching the colour of the edges where the trim would appear should there be any.

Prophet Visionary


          The Prophet Visionary is unchanged, the only work that has occurred is corrections in the textures where there were errors.

          The normals texture for the head textures has been updated to reflect the changes made to the diffuse texture. Using the old normals map for the head brought elements of Starkiller to the redesign, and certain facial features do no shade correctly. The new texture should make the appearance less like Starkiller, as well as ensuring facial features are shaded correctly. This enhances the beard, as it applies depth. Overall some more tweaking still needs to be done, however there have been improvements made with this change.

          The final change is an unseen change from the users perspective. I've completely reorganised and renamed all the files to suite future modifications. The first instances utilised the same file structure as the original model, as I was just finding my feet with this project. Now that I have broken through the learning barrier, I went back and completely reorganised and renamed everything so when more modifications are made in the future, they are easy to find. The models now appear as Prophet_1, Prophet_4 etc. when selecting the player model, no longer star killer. There should no longer be an issue when using the original model along side of these re textures.

The model is now available on the steam workshop for download HERE

(Current users may need to unsubscribe and resubscribe to prevent errors from occurring)


Kind regards,


          Original Model


Located HERE



          For anyone interested in the lighting error with the model before it was rectified, it is pictured below.



Issue on ground.pngNo issue in air.png



          29 DEC 17

  • Removed the paragraphs regarding the lighting error
  • Added a small paragraph on the resolution of the lighting error
  • Lighting error pictures moved to bottom of post
  • Added the re textured head image
  • added closing paragraphs and statements
  • minor grammatical adjustments

          31 DEC 17

  • Added the new content
  • Old images are now contained in spoilers to compact post
  • Moved Original model image & link to bottom of post
  • Reformatted
Edited by Staticiser
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49 minutes ago, Ben said:

Isn't that Starkiller?

It is, however my intention is to progressively make changes to create a new visual identity of the model, starting with the texture of the head followed by small changes to the model. This model was chosen because because it required the least amount of work in order to make it appear like a prophet, without compromising visual detail or having to completely redesign major aspects. I still intend to work on the current prophet model, however it was more practical at this stage to see the outcome of this redesign.

13 minutes ago, Delta said:

The first one looks like a Jedi 


The first image is the original model being redesigned, the following images with the darkened clothing is what we intend to use.

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7 minutes ago, |Stryker| said:

I can't not see starkiller, Hes burnt into my mind

I'm still exploring options as to reduce this factor as much as possible. I'm worried that if I modify the model I might completely ruin the way the texture wraps around the head. I'd like to avoid this because I don't believe I'm skilled enough yet to recreate the texture should the wrapping be compromised.




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