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Hello Again :)


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Many of the original IG members may remember me but for those who dont my name is Hermes. I am an old member of the community and am an EX event master and have been inactive for around 4-5 months now. Due to a number of factors i decided to leave and take a break from the IG commuity and Gmod as a whole (also my gmod fucked up and wouldnt work so sorry i didnt say goodbye <3) , During this time i played Rust to keep myself occupied.


The other day however i was looking through old shadowplay footage from my time on the server and realised how much fun i had and how much fun i was missing out on. I had many good times on the server and met many amazing people. I have finally decided to come back and relive some memories and even create some new ones. Ive loved how welcome many of you have already made me feel when coming back and have enjoyed seeing the community how it is now, full of life and growing with many new members and players.


Cheers, Hermes (Gotta add my iconic tag there XD)

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