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Staticiser's Pac3 Application - Updated 05 JAN 18


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Staticiser's Pac3 Application - 22 DEC 17

What is your In-game name:


Steam ID:


Steam link:


Play time:

     5 days and 3 hours

     1 Week, 3 Hours

Have you used PAC Before:

     I have only briefly used PAC in single player, to get a grasp of it's capability.

Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph):

     I've been away from the sever for a while now, and have only recently returned. Some unfortunate events occurred a while ago and have not found the time to return. With Christmas around the corner, I've found myself with a lot of time on my hands and am intend to stay around. I don't intend to make anything extreme, I'm quite fond of the stock models that Imperial Gaming have created and utilise. In my current role of Prophet, we are supposed to have a heavy role play impact as opposed to combat which I believe suites me. I've been out of the game for a while so I'm working on improving the role play as a prophet, but I feel that PAC is an opportunity to take what I have learnt further, to continue to improve my role play capability and benefit my own immersion and of others in scenarios prophets are required.

     There is the potential for people to go overboard and create ludicrous models in attempt to "minge". Those who know and have played with me know that that is not my intent when I play on the sever. I understand that not many people know me, and that there is a risk that I have applied to early and won't get accepted, however I believe this is a great chance for me to show my ability to role play and my creative side.

Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph):

     I'm not looking at adding enhanced visuals to the model I currently use, minus a few small tweaks. I wish to create animations which suite prophets in role play scenarios. The ability to position and animate a model past the default ones provided is a great opportunity to expand my own role play capabilities, and also benefit in situations where role play is lighter. It's an opportunity for me to apply creative mind and build on scenarios that occur on and off ship to enhance the experience of others. I believe there is a lot of potential for PAC on the sever, further then that of simply making a good looking model.

     I hope to be an event master sometime, I feel that I still need to sit in the backseat for a while longer before I apply. PAC for me is a bridge to help me down that path, because I hope to incorporate PAC in events to create a more diverse and deeper experience. To start I'm not looking at creating anything to complicated. As I mentioned earlier I have very little experience with PAC, but I'm willing to learn. The first while of using PAC will be finding my feet, and familiarising myself with the interface before I attempt anything to complicated.

Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): 

     I don't think there's anything I can write to show why I "deserve" PAC. How I act, how I role play, how serious I am and how I treat others that will secure me this privilege. No matter what I write, if I act a fool, abuse people, fail RP I will not be given this privilege. I have to show that I am trustworthy, take my role play seriously and treat others with respect. I believe that I have done so, and will continue to show this in game, on the forums and in Teamspeak. My application could be all spics and specs, but at the end of the day if the Staff don't trust me, or I am observed as a "minge", I will never achieve what I hope to achieve. 

     I understand that I might be refused, particularly from my large break and rather low time on the sever. PAC is not given out lightly, and if refused at first I'll keep bettering myself, taking on board the advice from those who provide it from this application. PAC is not required for my role, or any role on the sever for that matter. Without PAC I am still able to immerse myself into my role as a prophet. It is there to enhance the experience of all the players, not to benefit a select few. At the end of the day however, I do not require PAC in order to continue my role on the sever, I will continue to improve myself to the point where the Staff believe that I am capable and trustworthy enough to utilise PAC.


PAC Creations - Added on 31 DEC 17

     I haven't spent as much time as I would have liked on my Pac's, as I've been working on the prophet remodel, featured in my Pac's so far. I mentioned I was less concerned about visual ascetics, so majority of my Pac's are more passive and heavily depend on animations and poses. I will start creating some visual ascetics however to showcase my ability in the area of Pac.


     First one is just a sitting animation, still needs tweaking to avoid clipping from the robe.


     I then modified the first sitting, however I've added a kyber crystal. I attached it do the pelvis to stop it from moving with the upper body, and added a proxy to cause it to rotate. I'm working on anther proxy to make it appear to hover (slight movements up and down).


     I modified one of the kneeling animations to trigger from a key bind, it is not replacing the crouching animation.


     I needed to get on the bandwagon and create a hologram, however I'm not using this instead of the communications.


     This next one is the one I intend to use for my communications. This one was tricky, I had to find the animation already used when entering the chat, and modify that. This animation is the T-Pose format with the left arm adjusted to the head. Simply modifying the idle model will cause the arms to act in unnatural ways. Once the adjustments were made using the chat animation, I reverted to the idle animation, because the adjustments to the bones are only minor. Finally I set the event so the adjustments are made when typing only.


     This next one is utilises the phys gun, which has been hidden. I changed the animation to walking while holding a pistol, and made some small adjustments to create this effect. Events were setup to only trigger this effect through a key bind, when physics gun is being used, when the speed is walking or stationary and and not crouching.



     Simple one here, I used the walking without weapons animation and set events to trigger only when walking, not crouching, key bind has been pressed, and when the lightsaber is the weapon. The second image is what it looks like when walking.


     Same as above, however this one is only when stationary.


     The third of these poses, this one has a more aggressive stances as it's a threatening pose, and not just a passive effect.


     The final one I have completed so far is an improved weapon attachment for my model. Using one of the Pac3 cloths, I attached it to the thigh of the model. I removed the default attached saber when not in hand by hiding the default model through an entity, and bone merging a new one. I then took the lightsaber model I was using, and attached it to one of the bones in the jiggle model by pac3. To remove the excess of the jiggle model, I finally created clipping mask to hide the excess length of the jiggle.

 Pac's as of 05 Jan 17

     Using an existing animation, I created an execution Pac. I set it up so that the animation only cycles through once. The biggest issue I had was making it so that the animation played from the beginning whenever I triggered the event. I found that animations where cycling through when they were not displayed, the result being when the event was activated, the animation would appear to start mid way through the animation, due to it not pausing once it was finished.

     This next one contains a few elements which I will briefly explain. The entire concept is an aggressive stance, which serves as a warning that I'm about to attack. The idle animation is triggered through and event. The next element is the sprinting aspect. Using the same techniques in my earlier Pac's, I attempted to create a more intimidating sprinting animation (purely cosmetic and not to be used in actual combat). I had issue's using the animation I wanted to create this look, so in the end I took the animation which most closely resembled the current lightsaber (ignited) running animation. I modified the bone position, and set up triggers to ensure the effect only present when sprinting, and with a lightsaber. It is important to note that this effect will not trigger unless the aggressive stance is being used. The arm positions still need some work, however this serves as a good base for now. The final animation is a taunt, it serves as a warning to move away, or that I am going to attack. Using the same techniques as the execution animation, I created this effect. Again this will only show when in the aggressive stance.

    With all the animations and effects that utilise the ignited lightsaber, it is important to note that while the lightsaber appears to be moving, the hit box for the weapon remains in the same position. Accidentally triggering the animations while others are nearby will not cause harm, because the actual position of the lightsaber collisions remains the same. With the execution animation, is is possible to use that in such a way to actually kill a target, using the normal mechanics of the lightsaber.

     The final animation is presenting my lightsaber and communication devices, which can be used in situations regarding ISB. It uses a short animation, which does not loop once it has finished, and automatically finishes after a set period of time. Unfortunately the animation is not particularly long, which makes it hard to see in the video above. This is another example of how the animations can be triggered only once to enhance role play scenarios, however in this case the animation does not immediately return to the idle position until a certain amount of time has past. I triggered this event through the console purely to clean up the amount of key binds I was currently using for Pac.

     I'm at a stage where I am comfortable creating Pac's related to and around my current role in the sever. My next move from here is to create Pac's to be used as an event character, in order to showcase the more diverse role play possibilities available to those characters.

Update Log

     31 DEC 17

  • Added created Pacs
  • Updated time played on sever

     05 JAN 17

  • Added GIFS of more complicated pacs
  • Added the related paragraphs explaining them.


Kind Regards,



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Staticiser is a good guy who I've seen coming on the server often and has been trustworthy at the time of me writing this. His Application is also very detailed, and pleasing to look at, showing that he hasn't taken time and effort to create his post.

The pictures Staticiser has provided thus far, show that he is capable of utilising the abilities PAC3 provides effectively to enhance RP for himself and those around him.


I believe that Staticiser can be trusted with PAC3 and that he will use the tool effectively

Good luck

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3 hours ago, addamcor said:


Staticiser is a good guy who I've seen coming on the server often and has been trustworthy at the time of me writing this. His Application is also very detailed, and pleasing to look at, showing that he hasn't taken time and effort to create his post.

The pictures Staticiser has provided thus far, show that he is capable of utilising the abilities PAC3 provides effectively to enhance RP for himself and those around him.


I believe that Staticiser can be trusted with PAC3 and that he will use the tool effectively

Good luck

     I really appreciate this, thanks for the comment.

     I'd like to ask if there's anything people would like to see in particular from myself, improvements to character, role play or particular Pac's to also add it to their comments. I understand that between certain people there is limited interaction on the sever which is hard to improve due to the separation of roles, and if there is anything that they would like to suggest in order to incorporate prophets into role play involved by other regiments. The other prophets and I are always looking for more role play opportunities and involvement between other regiments, including the ones we attach ourselves to. 



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Holy crap these are good. It is refreshing to see PACs more focused on lightsabers and the use of the Force compared to the standard trooper and blaster PACs. You totally have a lot of potential and it would be great to see you with PAC on the server, especially with your proposed new Prophet models! ;) 

Best of luck.

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