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Greyback's PAC3 Tier 1 Application


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What is your In-game name:

RS First Lieutenant Greyback

(Formerly known IO & Yurion)


Steam ID:



Steam link:



Play time:

| 2 Weeks | 2 Days | 19 Hours |


Have you used PAC Before:

Yes, I have some decent experience that I've gathered over the past several weeks. I've been experimenting with how things work and I understand the very basics of it now. I'm definitely willing to learn more and better enhance my knowledge of PAC. Images of various PACs below.


Some images below of some experimental concept designs for my in-game A.I.~

10-01-2018 <outdated>


I decided to loosely base my A.I. Companion off of the Ghosts in Destiny. Everything is static except for the eye, which uses an animated Material, so I'll be wanting to add some more moving parts in the future to make it more similar (and interesting) to the actual thing. Not to mention customizing it with certain colors and extra pieces, as you can do in the original game.

(Don't let these fool you, the first PAC took me hours to do)



<A.I. in hand, looking ahead>

+ Is bound to a command that allows me to pull her out and back at will. Can be used for active RP in events and other miscellaneous situations (hence the bind).




<A.I. floating alongside me as a passive companion>

Can be used for passive RP and as a generic companion.

*Will be adding some more stuff gradually as I continue experimenting.


Been working on some more experiments; this time adding to my character (more ideas for my server character)

11-01-2018 <outdated>


Being a rescue Trooper currently, I decided to see what a Police Shield on my back would look like. Not too sure on it yet.

I also added an E-11 to the right thigh, for the visual look.



<E-11 is equipped to my right thigh, as a passive weapon model, with angled Shield on back>

+ Is bound to an event that makes it disappear when I pull out the actual weapon:



<Video of the E-11 being smoothly drawn when equipped (removing the model on the thigh). However, it still teleports back to the thigh when I put it away>


Some more PACs/PAC progress



Merging some previous PACs together (A.I. Companion + Shield and E-11)




Showing my support, even in the Empire <3


Added a Bacta Bomb that is able to be dispersed when equipped.


(Need to fix the E-11 placing)


Added a typing event that shows my A.I. displaying a hologram in front of me, works in both passive and combat modes.




Additional PACs/PAC progress



Added an experimental RT-97C that (realistically) sticks through the handles of the shield, and can be dispersed when held in-hand. May/may not keep this, but as per say it's experimental.





Slightly brightened the hologram emitter for the communications event, as it didn't show up as well on other/the main RP maps. Also changed the positioning slightly and melded the A.I. model to the head for smoother animations.

(I also updated the E-11 positioning so it doesn't phase into the leg on certain animations)



Added a Portable Shield model to my left arm. (I have moved it slightly higher up the arm since taking these photos - will update the photos when I can). Will probably add more detail to it in the near future. This is bound to a key command so I can activate it manually during combat, and it also plays a sound when it activates.




The Portable Shields are based on the canon Star Wars ones used by the Mandalorians:



Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph):

First off, I would like to confess that I have had my fair share of minging (who hasn't?), but I've always aimed to keep it to a certain level whenever I have done it and stop it if things get out of hand. I've definitely matured over the last couple months, however, and I believe I wouldn't abuse something like PAC. I understand it's only a cosmetic tool and it should be used as such, without straying too far from RP and-or using it in unnecessary situations. I don't believe that power and privileges are something that should be abused, and they should be controlled appropriately. PAC3 isn't something I want to screw around with in an improper way... especially if I have little experience with it.


Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph):

I like customizing my characters (in most games where this is allowed), and making them unique to a notable extent. I have even gone so far as to use game mods to additionally modify my character(s) appearance in other games, so I'm eager to do this in Gmod to the best of my ability, and create some interesting stuff. I only want to keep my my modifications simple, for now; light alterations to (possibly) my armor and adding some minor props to my character's body. I am also a very creative/innovative person outside of the server, so I want to be able to share that with everyone.

In the server RP, I have adopted an A.I. Companion designated J-ONE54 that I can talk to, utilize in certain situations, and-or even speak for me in RP purposes. To be able to use the concept design(s) shown above and even improve on it would be a huge blessing, to further add to my RP.


Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph):

I'm growing increasingly more active on the server as of late, having recently acquired the rank of First Lieutenant in the Medical Corp. I only want to better myself on the server not just as an active, committed player, but also as a dedicated RPer. I believe that with PAC, it can help me strive to achieve the latter. I want to stay as active for as long as I'm able, whenever I'm able, because I have grown to love this community, and I only want to keep growing with that. I don't want to say that I "deserve" it... I don't want to be that naive. But, I do believe that I could make the cosmetic/visual experience of other players a little more interesting by adding my own input in with the existing group of PAC3 users.





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You go in and out of activity; you will need to show that you are consistently active.

You have no PAC experience;  make some PACs, show them here for people to recognise you for PAC.

Establish yourself more with people; as an RS you can walk around interacting with everyone.



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15 hours ago, Spooky said:


Great guy

very mature

does his job 

RP God


12 hours ago, Kix said:





9 hours ago, Snowy said:


Responsible player who i believe will use PAC for its intended purpose


Thank you all! <3

I'm spending more and more time experimenting with different PAC ideas. I added a couple more for y'all to have a look at. :)

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Added eight new PAC images and a tally. Some minor PAC tweaks/adjustments and some extra additions.


On 22/12/2017 at 2:10 AM, Fox said:

Dont know you well, zero experience.



On 22/12/2017 at 7:40 AM, Wilson06 said:



On 22/12/2017 at 9:12 AM, LePaul said:


You go in and out of activity; you will need to show that you are consistently active.

You have no PAC experience;  make some PACs, show them here for people to recognise you for PAC.

Establish yourself more with people; as an RS you can walk around interacting with everyone.




On 22/12/2017 at 10:22 AM, Ben said:

-1 ^


On 02/01/2018 at 1:12 PM, Parks said:



No experience with PAC, go learn and share your creations

Good APP overall


On 03/01/2018 at 2:05 AM, Emerald said:


I don’t see you on that much tbh.


You don’t have any experience with PAC3

Thank you all for your responses and advice! As you can see I've gotten quite familiar with PAC over the past few weeks and I'm more than willing to continue learning more. It's a great character editor that can really do just about anything, and so far I've been able to achieve all of my custom character design ideas.

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