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Some suggetions for events

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gday fellas renolds here.

To me a good event is when the rebels have a good chance of fighting back against the imperial onslaught and during my time on the server I have thought of a few suggestions that could make events more interesting by giving the rebels better capabilities to fight rather than just being slaughtered all the time.


Rebel loadout 

as of now it seems to be a bit over the place as to what weaponry the rebels are able to use.  They will either get blasters that are not that effective or blasters that makes the rebels very powerful resulting in complaints on the event. to make it more easier here is a loudout I am proposing for rebels during events

main weapon: a280c

Now I think we can agree that this weapon is not that great for the rebel side as it is not that accurate, as a low mag size and does not do that much damage. I think this weapon should receive some modifications mainly accuracy, damage and magazine size to the point that it is not overpowered but will give the rebels a fighting chance

optional secondary weapon: republic sniper rifle

As far as I know no regiments are currently using this weapon therefore allowing this weapon to be modified for event characters should be fine. I think this weapon should do slightly more damage for dealing with high hp imperials than the pulse cannon but have its mag reduced to 3 shots instead of 7

Determining how many saber wielders there are.

Whenever I see event saber wielders being ganged up on by an army of sith I feel sorry for them so maybe when selecting saber wielders event masters could follow this formula.

For every 3 sith that are on one or two of them could be chosen to be an event saber wielder for example if there are 9 sith currently on 3 or 4 of them could become saber wielders or if there are more than ten sith on depending on the event half of them could be jedi ranging from padawans to jedi knights with different levels of health. This should hopefully give sith a more better fight agains event saber users.


Thats it for current ideas but I might be updating this post with more ideas in the future cheers :).


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We kinda already do this. A280c is used a lot in Rebel events and then some event characters are given the Republic Sniper Rifle and/or the A280c. With the Saber wielders the EM already do what you have stated. Maybe you only see outnumbered Jedi due to other dying and them waiting for a respawn, sometimes it can take a while due to the fact EM are quite busy during events.


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Rarely any sith volunteer for events so I doubt that could be made into a reality but you could pick troopers who used to be saber users.

Also, I like the idea of the republic sniper, but one thing bad about it is the damage and the accuracy.

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