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Happys PAC 3 Teir 1 App

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-- Happys Pac 3 Teir 1 App --

Ah I have returned with a new frame of mind and a some fresh pac Ideas and designs all done by me. I have learnt my lesson from last time and I have to say Im disgraced that I would ever think what I did was ok so I put effort into these and im here to give it my all.

What is your In-game name:

Inquisitor Sixth Brother Happy

Steam ID:


Steam link:


Play time:

1 Week    I     6 Days     I    5 Hours

Have you used PAC Before:

Yes I have used PAC Before and I am still looking to learn more about it all as I am not the greatest and Can Definitely Improve.

Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph):

Because I have come back Refreshed and feeling confident that I can bring good and RP enhancing PACs to IG and bring some new PAC designs to the Sith models and make some cool Law Inquisitor outfits. Now from what I just Listed are why are want PAC but how I think this can fall under trusted with PAC is because I will be hard at work, devoted and non abusive in anyway and I am really willing to show some new elements and ideas. I have made a few good friends around the ship and I know that I will and can be a trustworthy person with PAC.

Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph):

I want PAC as I said before to bring a new taste you could say. I want to bring a new element and design scheme to PAC some fresh new Ideas. I also want PAC so I can bring some fresh rp enhancement to some PAC designs. Another good reason I am wanting PAC is so I can learn from people and teach some people little tips and tricks. I think I could bring a good Image to PAC users and really make some people go "Wow".

Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph):

I think I deserver PAC because I am a trustworthy person aswell as I am creative. I feel like I deserve this to bring a little bit of freshness into the PAC Game you could call it. Now another good reason why I deserve such a power like this is so I can bring some enhancement to RP and show some skills off and really to learn and to teach.


To do list:

Animated Helmet take off revealing my face.

Heavy Armour


Animation for when I ignite my saber

Cool flip

Dramatic Enter animaiton


PACS I am Currently Working On:

Robotic Arm and Leg

Some fresh shoes for my inquisitor toes

Face under my mask


Hand to Hand combat stance (With a bounce in his step)


SCREENSHOTS (Things I whipped up real quick and Im working on heaps more atm):


^ This is a quick Easy PAC showing a generic Waist cape.


^Generic split cape from PAC folder (I will work on better looking capes)


^Presenting a hilt to Lord Vader (Katana is improv since I couldnt find the saber models)


^Better Looking Bow PAC (More formal)


^Small touch on the combat stance raised fists and a loaded snap kick(Mark 1)


^ Enlarged Model so I look more Intimidating. Helmet has been swapped for alien head (5th brother based)


^Hands Behind Back. Slouched Over or Hunched over how ever you put it. Looking menacing like 8th brother

Open Spoiler to See more PACS




^Hologram of Imperial trooper taking life (Trying to make into an animation so I can view for my "entertainment")20171221114050_1.thumb.jpg.b3c5487f7938d63ec756b93f6f62c65c.jpg

^ Body armour PAC ( Basic Model PAC will become Part of my 5th brother PAC im working on)


^Scroll on the arm


^3 Capes Coming off the neck to make a sort of demonic angel look with red strands coming off the elboes (All have gravity)


^Using the force to make a plate with a cup of coffee levitate whilst browsing my data pad (Inspired by carnifex being tired and Chefs platter)


^Browsing the Laptop Looking through data and stuff like that (Attempting to type)


^ Robot Chest (Iron man like) Robotic left leg  large battery on back and small blood pumping device below (Cant see) (Battery inspired by chef)


^ Meditating with 2 Sith artifacts and reading an ancient script


^ID PAC of me Raising saber and Has everything you need on it and is all bount to pad_4


^Outfit for representing INF squad (if they accept me :P)


^Figured out how to do a sit animation (gonna expand off this one)


^Figured out how to add animations into duels (WOS one)


^ Another Pac with top half of inferno squad Uniform on with split cape (adding a hologrom out of red thing on chest top secret)


^Using force choke as an Interrogation method again jedi (Magic animation on me, Swimming animation on Jedi) (Yes Ik I dont have force choke)


^Using force mind trick to make jedi cower (animations used here with edited bones)(YES ik Inquis arnt strong force users)

I can hand both the last 2 out to people who need them or use them If i have the power in future.

Merry Christmas

<3 Happy


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changing name
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16 minutes ago, NickArino said:

+1 For Me!!!

Chill; Bloke 


Decent PACS

Good Luck Bro Hope you get it!!


3 hours ago, Delta said:


Pacs seem a bit generic but the amount of these PACs show me you are good at your job 


3 hours ago, Wilson06 said:

+1 looks great at pac but looks even better with a fedora.

Thanks guys for the positive feed back im working on more PAC ideas, designs and building them each day <3

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+1 Great start to PAC, I believe you can really improve especially since a lot of people in you reg has PAC which can, in turn, give you ideas, help you out, and help you test them.

Therefore, I am giving you a


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10 hours ago, Haz said:

+1 Great start to PAC, I believe you can really improve especially since a lot of people in you reg has PAC which can, in turn, give you ideas, help you out, and help you test them.

Therefore, I am giving you a



12 hours ago, Puppy said:

Generic PAC's but you're a good bloke.

I'm going to go +1.

Good luck.


22 hours ago, Punisher said:


Awesome Guy, Cool to hang around and fun to Rp around so its a BIG +1 For Me

Thank you All once again Im working hard atleast 5 times a day to pump out little pacs which will lead to Much bigger and better

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5 minutes ago, Shekelburg said:


Happy's a good roleplayer and responsible. Good luck happy!

Awww thanks shekelburg <3

I just added a new design aswell if you wanna see it, all the way down the bottom of the little spoiler tab

Tips fedora in a respectable way to shekelburg

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