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Arctiic's Tier1 Pac3 App


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What is your In-game name:
Arctiic - RST - Major  edit:. Royal Guard - Commander

Steam ID:

Steam link:

Play time:
1w 4d 5h 7m  edit:. 2w 1d 13h 35m
Have you used PAC Before:
Yes, ive used basic features of Pac3 and watched videos but definity keen to learn more. Im still gettting the ropes to how to do this and that but i feel that i can learn quickly and deliver some decent addons to myself.

Why should you be trusted with PAC:
I feel i can be trusted with PAC because im loyal, have no warnings or bans. Im active in the community and have worked my way up to Commander. Im known by few on the server and have gained there trust which makes me feel like i can be trusted with PAC.
Why do you want PAC:
To allow me to enhance the roleplay feel. The different thing i could possibly bring along with having pac3 just not for myself but for the community. I want to add some character to RG and by having PAC3 i think i could deliver that.

Why do you deserve PAC :
I do or i dont deserve PAC3, thats not up for me to decide. I have played on this server for a few months now and am active and trusted. If the community feels i deserve PAC3 they can decide by leaving a comment below. Thanks to everyone that reads over this app and gives there feedback good or bad, its still much appreciated as it helps me improve myself to be better.


Upload:. Had to use SG model as couldnt find the RG model to use. This is what ive come up with so far, will be adding more as i learn how to do what i want to be added.


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