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Someone kept annoying me, so here’s one of these things


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Someone said that they would beat up my nan for realz if I didn't do one of these, so here it is.


If you don’t know who I am (I’ve been around for a while so if you don’t you’re blind), I am Stevo. I’m currently LT. General of this pack of plebs that apparently belong to the Imperial Army. Although a lot of newbies know who I am now, a lot of the veterans around here remember me for my 5mins as an ST sergeant, but not the 2mins I spent as an ST corporal, maybe as the founder of Widow Squad too I guess. Also if you didn’t know additionally, I used to be the the old ST Brigadier (was the longest serving ST until trumped by commanders Alex and Hornet).


I like long walks on the beach, beating up nans, calling people plebs, getting stuck in elevators until I commit suicide, asking how much it would cost for an MHC version of ST armour, doing meetings until my eyes bleed and talking to people/chilling with the bois (I bet you didn’t expect those last two after all of that).


I would say I’d see you around, but I’m pretty sure I just got called into 52 meetings during the time I was typing this.




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