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  1. 1. Do You Prefer On ship or off ship events?

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The thing is though, and by saying this I mean no disrespect to Event Staff or anyone.


But the reason that people would prefer on ship events is because we have an influx of off ship ones. 


That's not a bad thing, it really isn't but usually the same formula is used.

1. The faction XXX is hiding on the moon/planet XXX

2. Kill them/capture the leader for ISB.


Now yes, this does have some variations like they go into the ship and steal data etc etc. 


And with on ship events we don't have many of, and usually because we don't have them often they are usually unique.


Take the one Cody did some time before. Cody made a trader outpost on ship, in space. That one was fun. It was fun and unique.


Even the one Goliath did last night was really good. Thought out and everything, he wasn't a bad guy, he was just a Imperial starfighter creater. But with more planning, it would of been brilliant.


But hey! That's my opinion, and you are more than welcome to agree or disagree with. 


And please don't take this personally Event Staff. What you do is great, it really is. Just it can be improved.

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To be fair though, that mission we did on Sunday night with the situation changing as our actions occurred on Tatooine was fantastic. Giving a little control to the players, whilst also still having the event masters in control, was a good combo. We got to make our own RP with the prisoners during the event as well.

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And adding on to my previous point, you will see a Patten. Most likely regiments like Navy and ISB will like on ship events better as they can have their rp. (Also includes Pilots and Engineers)


Again, there will be Navy and ISB who prefer off ship events for XXX reasons. And that's fine, personal opinion is valued.

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Sometimes I feel it depends on what people are planning on doing/currently doing. For example I know of many occasions were a Regiment wants to do tryouts as there is lots of players online. Then an off-ship event and the player count drops dramatically, when we finally finish the event there is many people for tryouts.

Off-ship events tend to take longer due to larger maps, server changing level and setting up. Sometimes people prefer a quick event on-ship. With on-ship events if you are busy doing other things you can choose not to take part depending on the event of course.

So honestly it depends on my current situation and plans on what sort of event I prefer.

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I prefer off ship

Off ship for me allows trooper regiments to shine their purpose, I did an event with roostine and I was Commodore Redeye. We legit had a 40 minute MHC meeting to discuss a battle plan for locating this rebel cell and taking them out. Scar / ISB / Inferno Did an awesome job and suggested infiltrating their ranks which we got organised, Scar would cloak near the infiltrators and be their backup while ISB / Inferno would gain as much Intel as possible. Navy offered to move to the communications tower and hack into the enemy communications, which was also fantastic. The main force patrolled the LZ and made sure no rebel attacks were to happen while the Spec Ops mission was taking place, also acting as a reserve force for when shit went sour, JT and Pilots were to act as fast response unit for the Spec ops mission with their Jump boots and Flight Advantage.

I loved this event, as the commodore I was able to plan a mission were troopers had a direct influence over the mission. And troopers apart of the event loved it as well (Although I will admit the main force was a bit bored as the mission took awhile, sorry).

In the end this event ended with the rebels being backed into a corner, which I got commanders to meet up and determine a short plan, Scar wanted to cloak in and then we'd send the main force, allowing for no escape. We went in and slaughtered them all

In short I enjoy off ship as it allows for creativity and for regiments to actually have a purpose (If done correctly, does heavily depend on the EM running the event)

If I ever become an EM, this will be my preferred style.

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