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Farewell Pureus. You will be missed.

♛ JH

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Today we lost a valued member of IG. 


Pureus, you are one of the most loved members of the community and you will be missed forever. Feel free to share some moments with Pureus that you remember.


Farewell, your son. Ajax

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5 hours ago, ANiX said:

tbh couldnt care this time around as this is your second time "leaving" the community sorry to be rude guys but has to be said.


Agreed Purus, however, I'll personally still miss the guy but the dramatic effect has sort of been dropped a bit compared to last time. But still goodbye Purus have a nice day.

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7 hours ago, Stevo. said:

I hope I get adoring fans on my inevitable send off. There are now even less people around from when I started at this joint.











See you around Pureus

ahahaha that is truly sad. Rip Divisonary 

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Quick Response to some of these points

First of all thank you for this flattering thread.

I can see some people are asking why this is a big deal to some people and part of me agrees probably from modesty.
But I like to think that the reason I'm getting this kind of attention is because there are people that believe I've left a hefty mark on the server and how it has come to be what it is now. Obviously that's not for me to decide.

Yes its true there are alot of people that do leave quite often especially ones that are long lasting, but the reality is that for those people to get this scale of recognition. There usually has to be something that the server can remember that person by.

Take Gamma for example, he was arguably a far better roleplayer than I ever will be and people went nuts when he resigned and we all still enjoyed the occasions he came back to visit and do something he's still good at.

Whereas if someone just spent a heap of time on the server and wasn't really globally known for something that was appealing to the rest of the server, well honestly what do they expect? I'm not trying to be big-headed here but thats honestly usually how it goes.

It really does become important to hold a remarkable reputation in communities like this, even when you don't exactly respect everyone.

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Goodbye Pureus (once again) I will always remember the days when I stood at the end of the tie bays staring at the zakuul bunks all day. Good times anyway good luck










better not come back as vader.

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