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NickArino's PAC3 Application


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What is your In-game name: Kadann (Otherwise Known as NickArino)


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:86649544


Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/NickArino/


Play time: 2Week, 2Day, 6Hours.


Have you used PAC Before: Yes I have used PAC before. I've used it a couple of times in Single Player to understand how it works and since then I know how to use it.


Why should you be trusted with PAC (1 Paragraph): I think I should be trusted with PAC because I always ensure that the server is friendly and people don't try to troll or ruin someones experience on the server which makes me believe strongly in the rules on the server, respect and honour the staff and respect the RP and the friendly encounters with people. Doing this allows me to give my trust to others and they give their trust back which allows us to build further on that. 


Why do you want PAC (1 Paragraph): 

If I was to get PAC it would assist me in certain events for different themes which adds a level of "spice"to my character and if I was given PAC I would only use it for the soul reason of RP which means I would not break any RP Regulations by adding something ridiculous to my belt, body, helmet, etc and these would not suit my characters needs or suit my uniform in my regiment. Doing this is ultimately fail-rp so I would always make my character look "himself" 


Why do you deserve PAC (1 Paragraph): I believe I deserve PAC not only because I am a trustworthy and loyal member of Imperial Gaming and I love and respect the Staff and the Server but I also try to help the community (even though I'm not a staff member) I try to keep this server as clean and friendly from Minges. This allows me to interact and help others which I like doing so they can feel welcome on the server.

These Examples are not as difficult compared to others. My Identification Bind is attacked to my back but when I press the key it gets removed and Placed in my Hand. I have My Weapons on my Imperial Commando Backpack which once I have selected the weapon, it is removed from my back as if I have actually grabbed it. The Hologram that I have is a holo of Darth Vader and turn in a 360 and is activated in Chat (Problem is I cant properly show you it in use when using chat because my character blocks it.) Lastly my Rebuilt IC Trooper who has lost in arm during combat and has been replace as well as his memory which is also part robot with a energy source on his backpack connected to a switch in his helmet.

I Also Have these Photos:





















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Example of a PAC
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36 minutes ago, Twinkie said:

[AWarn] [IG] Mauler [VDV] warned NickArino for reason: FailRP 


-1 until an explanation is told

Twinkie, Mauler removed it btw and we where messing around and he thought it was funny to do that. 

(ask him if you don't believe me)


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3 hours ago, TheSSlothhh said:


Quite active on the server and is very respectable and mature. I believe you won't abuse PAC3 and be able to improve role play for you and others.

Best of luck with your application.


4 hours ago, ANiX said:

+1 I've Known Nick For A While Now And I Think He Is A Very Creative Person And Would Be Trusted With PAC3 + Good App, Good Luck Buddy :)


8 hours ago, Mauler said:

Well, the warn WAS legitimate but its failure to roleplay was purely out of spite to one of his fellows. When Nick respectfully apologised to that individual, and the apology was accepted, the warn was removed and replaced with a Verbal Warning.


Now with that done, +1. Nickarino is a very respectful user and a mate. He can be trusted with PAC 3

Thanks Sloth, Anix and Mauler for the Support.

I Appreciate it.

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On 18/12/2017 at 11:26 AM, Red said:

yeah, add some examples.. Neutral.


On 17/12/2017 at 8:55 PM, KIX said:


Fun to be around

Dont think he would abuse it

good application 

Perhaps show more maturity but all in all you are a good bloke


Thanks Guys For The Feedback and Support

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