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In-game alias: Previous 

Sith Lord Crispin

Lieutenant Crispin (Pilots)

Staff Sergeant Crispin (Riot)

Sith Inquisitor Crispin (Multiple Times)

Royal Guard/Shadow Guard Crispin (Old ranking system)

ST Crispin 

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:54183216

When was the ban: About a month ago.

How long is the ban: Permanent 

Which admin banned you: Tighty Whitey

Explain the situation: I was helping with a event and I did lightning and they said I couldn't so I then proceeded to not do it again and then after the event they said I was a bad rolemodel, I understand I have done bad things but I wasn't myself.

Why you deserve a second chance: I always loved to RP but I guess I got bored and started minging, I just want another chance to prove myself ;c

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I am no longer staff but i when i was i had warned crispin many times, and many chances were given by me and other staff members so you had your time to redeem but you chose not to.

(remove if not allowed)

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Oh Cris.

You'RE hilarious at times.

But I really don't want you back on IG. You have had previous bans and if unbanned then I do believe you would be banned again. Your mingy and you don't like to follow the rules.

I still love you though. - Fox


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-Support, Before I got staff you were the most annoying minge I had ever encountered you had little respect for players and the server rules and you have even gone out of your way to insult the admin who banned you because I doubt whitey ever had his name as "Tighty Wighty" 

I also remember how many chances you where given and how you disregarded them like they were nothing.

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  • Advisor

Since you prefer to break server rules I have no choice but to say


Do not message staff or even players regarding your ban appeal, you can apply again in 1-2 months if your maturity has changed. 

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