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iussues with pac3

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hello all,


At the moment I am having issues when seeing people with pac3 and it causes my screen to go black and flicker and I cannot see where I'm walking or what I'm doing I will have a screenshot posted below of what I'm seeing below when I look away it seems to sometime fix it  but it does not always work if someone's got a fix or something that will help that would be appreciated. I've got some screenshots of what I am looking at  blow. but I cannot find a fix anywhere if someone could please assist me that would be appreciated.



Thank you for taking your time to read this

kind regards, Lachlann

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Guest Excalibur

Not 100% sure on how to fix it but for the time being, you could disable PAC, that would at least allow you to see. You can do this through editing the draw distance in the pointshop if I remember rightly.

Otherwise, double check you have all the addons and install pac3 if you havent.

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